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April Release Rolling Out!

We’ve got some great new features and improvements rolling out over the rest of April.

Please note that items below are not available on grandfathered (legacy) plans unless indicated with an asterisk (*).

Tasking Upgrades (coming soon)

One of our aims for 2017 is to improve our Tasking functionality, providing a more full-featured solution for business that need to dispatch and manage jobs across their personnel in the field.  We’ll be delivering these upgrades in a phased manner over the coming months, starting with the new features outlined below.
Please note that Tasking changes below are NOT yet released for preview.

Calendar View

A new calendar based view of Tasks will roll out soon, providing a new way of visualising your people and jobs as they happen across the month, week or day.  This will include filtering options for status, person, Task type with colour coding options as well.

Recurring Tasks

For the first time, you’ll be able to create repeatable Tasks, which then get automatically re-created and dispatched on a timeframe of your choosing.
Annual, monthly, weekly and many options in between will be available to allow highly customisable repeat configurations.

Improved Task Filtering*

New options are being added to the default Task table view, allowing more flexibility in showing Tasks per person and date range.

Forms Upgrades

Dynamic Image Watermarking

This new feature allows you to apply dynamically generated text as a watermark onto images that are captured or chosen via a Media field during Form entry.  The text stamped on the image is driven by a formula of your creation, with options to customise the colour of the text and the position it appears on the image. And yes multi-line watermarks are supported 🙂

New & Improved Formula Functions*

The first two new functions are great for use with the new watermarking feature above!

  • FORMAT-GEO() – Allows formatted text output of a geographic location, chose from 3 available format options
  • IMGDATE() – Extracts the original created date value from the EXIF metadata of a captured/chosen image field
  • WEEKYEAR() – Returns the numbered week of the year for the specified date value
  • DATEDIFF() – Added optional parameter to allow exclusion of weekend days when calculating difference between date values

New Setting: Do Not Save In-Progress Entries

Increasingly customers are using Forms not just for data capture, but also as launch pads into other parts of the apps they build.
When used in this way, a Form has no data capture aspect at all, and thus there is never any progress or answers to save when the user exits such a Form.
This new setting is aimed at these kinds of scenarios, in that it completely disables all prompts to save progress when the Form exits, allowing a cleaner and less confusing user experience.

Other Upgrades

New Enterprise Admin Access Level*

As you may have noticed, there is now an additional user level available in the platform – namely “Enterprise Admin”.
We’ve introduced this to allow more separation between team administrators, and other higher level administrators that control platform concerns like Connection passwords, Billing, Environments (if using our Enterprise Toolkit) and other company level configurations.
This new role is effectively the highest level for an enterprise user – we recommend that you review who needs this level compared to the regular Admin role.

Miscellaneous Fixes & Improvements*

  • Added clarity to Task/Files API uploads, we now include Task Id and Status in our response
  • Added Data Source conditional styling support for Choices fields in Forms
  • Added built-in placeholders to provide Form entry dates converted to UTC timezone.
    These are for use in connectors & data templates:
  • Added Task additional info as a column on the APP: Incomplete Tasks built-in Data Source
  • Several security improvements were added to address minor issues raised by our latest security scan
  • Fixed minor inconsistencies between Screen designers’ “Screen Title” property and Name value found on Settings page.
    Now both Screen Name (on Settings) and Screen Title (on Design pages) are fully consistent in setting the Screen title as shown in the app and platform.
  • Fixed issue with FormEntry/File API where requests for non-existent (or not yet uploaded) files return HTTP 500 error instead of 404
  • Fixed bug relating to duplicate email validation on User Imports
  • Fixed issue with Process Step results being case and space sensitive, which prevented next steps being fired
  • Fixed a whole bunch of minor issues relating to the new backend website design
  • Fixed app bug with icon tint not being applied in Icon Board screens beyond start screen
  • Fixed app bug with Data Source columns of type “Long Text” not being available for user filters on Listing and Mapping screens
  • Fixed app bug where Number fields in Forms showed as invalid immediately on Form page load
  • Fixed Windows issue with large images in Section field type not being scaled to fit window width
  • Fixed Windows issue with Choices fields not behaving correctly when set to be Read Only
  • Fixed iOS issue with long hint text on Form fields was being cut off
  • Fixed Android NFC cancellation issue through implementing a 10 second timeout for read & write operations


We look forward to your feedback on this fresh April release, keep an eye out for the app previews rolling out soon!