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Appenate for Windows Now Live


After several weeks of testing and perfecting, we are extremely excited to announce that our Windows version is now live!

This marks a new era for the Appenate platform – our app technology now runs natively on both mobile and desktop devices.
We can’t wait to see what you do with our new desktop capability!

To access the latest Windows app version, log into your account at and download from the link provided on your home page.


App as a service (White Label) for Windows now available!

Want to add your own branded Windows app?
Simply email us on customer[at] and one of our team will be in touch to get you rolling.
NOTE: Windows branded apps incur an additional App as a Service subscription fee, charged at the same price as our existing Android/iOS offerings.

Never tried our White Label offerings?
Try it free – iOS, Android or Windows trials available.

Appenate for Windows form     Appenate for Windows mapping

No doubt you’ll have a lot of questions about this new Windows version, so please take a look at our brief FAQ below.

What Windows versions/devices will this run on?
We’re supporting Windows 7, 8 and 10 on “desktop class” devices.
By “desktop class” we mean desktop PCs as well as Windows tablets that use Intel or AMD processors – e.g. Microsoft Surface devices.

How do I install this? Do I need special privileges?
Simply download the exe file linked above and run it.
You *shouldn’t* need Administrator permissions to do so since the app installs into your local Windows user file area.

How do I update the app when newer versions are released?
There’s nothing for you to do – the app automatically and silently updates itself 🙂

What works, what doesn’t?
The awesome news is that the Windows release is already on par with our iOS and Android versions.
There are some minor differences in behaviour given the nature of Windows vs iOS/Android.
The following key functionality is NOT available (yet):

  • Video recording/capture
    Videos can however be chosen from file and played back in your Form screens.
  • Audio capture/choosing/playback
    This will be added in a future version.
  • Push Notifications
    We’re working on this one, building our own simple notifications service for Windows versions that don’t have push support.  For Windows 10 devices, we plan to hook into the Microsoft provided push notifications options.
  • Hybrid and satellite map types
    We’re using a Open Street Map mapping provider for the Windows version because Microsoft does not provide a built-in, free to use mapping service by default.  It is unlikely that we will provide these map types for the foreseeable future due to the cost of such mapping data.  Windows 10 devices may get this in the future via the Bing maps provider, depending on if Microsoft’s licensing allows it.

Will there be a white label option for the Windows version?
Absolutely – this will work just like our Android and iOS options however, instead of downloading your branded app from the Windows Store, you’ll be sent a link to download and to pass on to your customers in turn.

Something went wrong! Its not working!
Email our support team as mentioned above.
Please provide as much detail of the problem, and the steps leading up to the issue. Screenshots are super helpful!