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Android Update #2 Available

We’ve just pushed live to Google Play a new version of the Appenate Mobile Client (AMC) app which previews a few more new features and contains several fixes based on your feedback.
This update will be followed by a final AMC update planned for release next week, which will round out this huge Android upgrade.

The features and fixes in this release are as follows:

Listing and Mapping screens now support filter formula parameters via User Interaction
Its been a while coming, but now you can launch Listing and Mapping screens with a dynamic filter predefined.
This allows situations where one Listing screen may open another, applying a cascading filter to the rows shown in the second Listing screen.
For Listing & Map targets, you can pass in a formula for filtering the target rows, using {{target[column]}} to refer to columns in the target screen.
{{target[3]}} >= {{price}} if calling from a Form, or {{target[3]}} > {{this[2]}} if calling from a Listing, Detail or Mapping screen.

Forms: New filtering option on Choices fields – “use formula”
This allows you to use a formula to define your row filtering on a Choices field.
Its a more powerful alternative to our existing simple criteria based approach, since you can use all the power of our formula engine to build more complicated filtering logic.
When building a filtering formula, refer to the Choices rows via {{this[column]}} syntax.
{{this[2]}} > {{myfield}} shows rows with 3rd column greater than the “myfield” form value.

Forms: New filter criteria types on Choices fields
We’ve added “matches expression” and “starts with” options to the existing criteria based filtering.
The “expression” filter matches columns against a Regular Expression value, enabling scenarios such as wildcard searches.
e.g. the expression ‘.*T’ will match any text ending in T.

Forms: Table field type now has Visibility property and bug fixes
Overlooked in our previous release, you can now define a Visibility formula on Tables just like any other Form field.
We’ve also fixed a few navigation and other Table issues found in preview, such as Disable Table Display not working correctly.

Forms: Action fields – Jump To Form Location supports Table fields
We’ve added support for Next, Previous and Add New Row for buttons placed inside a Table field.
This allows you to provide alternative navigation options to the user when they are inside a Table.
Also, a friendly reminder that you can provide your own explicit back button to exit row editing – simply add a button that jumps to the page containing your Table field 🙂

Other improvements / fixes
– Push notification registrations on the app have been fixed to occur more consistently, which means that when you send a Task to a user running the new AMC update, they should actually get the notification 🙂
– The Rows page for Data Sources connected to a Hosted GET connector now make the same call as the app would to fetch rows, and displays the results as rows.
– Data Templates: HideIf statements have been fixed to work correctly within Repeat sections and Repeat row statements.