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“The thing I liked so much about Appenate was that, unlike other software teams I’ve worked with who expected me
to figure things out myself, you guys are really interactive, showing me everything I needed.

– Preethi, University of Queensland

A Word From One Of Our Consulting Partners

Here’s what Kathy Stevens of KAS Consulting has to say about Appenate.

“Once I show people examples of successes I’ve had with clients on Appenate, their eyes just pop and they want that too.”  – Kathy, KAS Consulting

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Configure Easy No-Code Apps To Satisfy your Clients’ Business Process needs Digitally
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Add Mobile Technology To Your Arsenal Of Tools
Turn your paper forms and spreadsheets into a mobile app without any programming. Use digital data capture and cloud storage to keep everything in one place and save even more time for your clients, maximizing your value offering.  

Adapt To Clients Needs Swiftly
Unlike other digital consulting software, Appenate adapts to whatever your client needs. You’ll never have to shoe-horn a poorly matched solution into your client’s processes again. Create client-specific apps in minutes with our powerful drag-and-drop app builder.

Replace Paper And Work From Anywhere
Consultants who’ve adopted Appenate agree that it makes working remotely a breeze. With a central data point and digital data capture, checking compliance and reports is made quick and easy. Plus iterations to solutions can be made in real-time, from anywhere in the world. 

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Deliver Extra Value & Stand Out From Your Competition

More companies are aiming to digitize their processes for the time and money savings they provide. When faced with a client keen to embrace digital, do you have time to learn how to code? 

Of course not, and you don’t have to.

Appenate helps you deliver custom mobile apps and solutions without touching any code. Easily configure and create client-defined apps – so you can provide even more value to your clients – for no additional cost to you. 

Digitize Your Client’s Incident Reporting

The Problem

Filling out paper forms capturing the data and then filing the paper is an arduous process. Make it easier for them to submit reports.

Digital Forms

Allowing users to quickly and efficiently submit incident reports is a proven way to raise engagement. Sadly, developing bespoke mobile apps is expensive.

No-Code App Builders

There is a way consultants have been offering their clients digital safety forms – by utilizing no-code app builders as a way to dispatch custom applications in no time at all.

Learn The Trade

Building apps in programs like
Appenate can still be challenging but is far easier to learn than traditional programming. Spend some time getting familiar with your software of choice.

Dispatch App

After a few training sessions and some practice, you’ll be able to offer your clients something that few consultants can – totally customized business applications to help them rise above their challenges.

Our Ready To Use Apps

Choose from over 190+ App Templates

PPE Safety Inspection App

PPE Safety Inspection App

Ensure standards of protective equipment are compliant.

Incident Report App

Incident Report App

Keep track of all data regarding an incident for safety & legal protection.

Detailed Timesheet App

Detailed Timesheet App

Capture multiple time entries, its location & images of a completed job.

Success Stories & More

Geeks R Good Case Study

Case Study: Geeks R Good

Here’s how Geeks R Good helped a client get their safety incident reporting rate up by providing a clean and easy to use app with Appenate.

Aviation Worker with Tablet to capture data

Compliance: Alacon Aero

Our Australian Consulting Partner in Aviation Management. Founder Simon Ozanne reveals the dynamics of our alliance, underpinned by a strong focus on aviation compliance.

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