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“Being able to create an App in an afternoon using Appenate makes me look like a star!”

– Lisa B, “Geeks R Good”
(Consulting Partner)

Case Study: Geeks R Good

Here’s how Geeks R Good helped a client get their safety incident reporting rate up by providing a clean and easy to use app with Appenate.

About Geeks R Good

Geeks R Good is an Australian sole trading consultancy that helps companies in the chemical manufacturing industry make sense of various aspects of their business. 

Lisa, the owner, provides resources, advice and support for technical, operations, systems, and regulatory affairs. If you would like to get in touch with Lisa (after reading this post), feel free to reach out to us here

A Poor Incident Reporting System

Lisa had a client who needed help with their incident reporting system. 

The problem was that safety incidents weren’t reported as they should be. As anyone in the safety industry would know, that’s a big problem. Without preventative measures, any of the unreported incidents could become a nasty accident at any moment.

The client needed help fast.

Off To A Rough Start

The main problem in finding a solution was that there were so many options – as Lisa soon discovered. Sorting through the solutions, Lisa found many of them to be too rigid for her client’s needs. 

On the other hand, many were too complicated – and it wasn’t immediately apparent whether they would fit the needs of the client. The challenge was finding a sweet spot between functionality and ease of use. 

That’s when Lisa found Appenate.

Appenate A Perfect Fit?

After a discussion with an Appenate representative, Lisa decided to try Appenate as a solution for her client.

She took an immediate interest in our flexibility and clean, easy to use dashboard. Once she discovered that Appenate runs on whatever the client has available (Android, iPhone, Windows), she realized there was no up-front cost to testing the platform. Which made things a lot less complicated.

Lisa also found that Appenate introduced the group to technologies that were underutilized in their business, which could be adapted to areas that were still reliant on paper. 

She was sold on becoming an Appenate Consulting Partner

This program is designed to allow consultants to supply Appenate to their clients – and earn a commission while they’re at it.
To learn more about this program, click here. There’s also more info at the end of this page.

Create An App In An Afternoon

An image showing a person using an Appenate mobile app on their phone

“Being able to create an App in an afternoon using Appenate makes me look like a star!” – Lisa B.

Despite Appenate’s learning curve, Lisa found it a great platform. Being able to adapt to almost any situation, the platform has multiple different uses within a single business. 

And given that we provide free support and training, anyone can become an Appenate rockstar and build an app in an afternoon.

Employees Actually Liked Using The App

The tedious paper forms previously used in incident reporting created a barrier for employees to log this important information. With Appenate, they actually liked using the app, which helped to bring down the resistance to submitting an incident report and spiked the incident reporting rate upwards.

Employees were so fond of the app that they actually started using the incident report for everything – so more apps needed to be built; for observations, corrective actions, suggestions, etc.

This helped to measure field data efficiently and helped the company take preventative action so they could minimise accidents.

Appenate Unlocks The Mystery Of Business Apps

Image of two businessmen working on a tablet on Appenate

“Appenate creates accessibility to App technology that has been gated away in the past, shrouded in complications, technobabble, and mystery. Demystifying Apps releases the power of the resource so it is something that everyone can use and find a use for.  It’s as an important business tool as a mobile phone.” – Lisa B.

One point Lisa was keen to mention is that business apps have historically been hidden behind walls of code, inaccessible to the average user. To get business apps of your own, you’d have to set a huge budget for an app to be developed – and take all the risks that go along with that. Usually, your shiny new app becomes outdated fast and, unless you hire a team of programmers, becomes useless in time. 

With Appenate, anyone can learn to build their own business apps by making use of the free training provided during their trial (and long after). From there, your imagination is often the only limit. 

We take care of the platform development, you take care of your own custom apps. And you’re backed by our excellent support team all the way, of course.

The Benefits Of Being An Appenate Consulting Partner

If you’d like to help your clients as Lisa has done above, you may be interested in our Consulting Partner Program. 

Some of the perks we offer with this program are as follows: 

  • You’ll get a 30-day free trial to test out the platform, as will any clients you bring on board.
  • You’ll get a special consulting partner account, so minimum user restrictions won’t apply to you (you can get away with a single premium user licence).
  • You’ll earn commissions on any annual paid subscriptions that you send our way.
  • You’ll get free support and training from the Appenate team.
  • Best of all, you’ll be your client’s hero 🙂

If you’d like to give Appenate a go, sign up for your free 30-day trial here. For more info on our Consulting Partner Program, click here.

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