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“Simply put, Appenate not only saves us time & money – it helps us stay compliant.”

Simon Ozanne (founder of Alacon Aero)

“Simply put, Appenate not only saves us time & money – it helps us stay compliant.”

Simon Ozanne (founder of Alacon Aero)

Pioneering Data Collection & Aviation Compliance

Today, we spotlight Alacon Aero, our Australian Consulting Partner in Aviation Management. In this case study, founder Simon Ozanne reveals the dynamics of our alliance, underpinned by a strong focus on aviation compliance.

Business Goal

A reliable digital solution to record critical flight and aircraft data.


Offline-capable apps with task management & complex calculations.


60% drop in form completion time & improved data accuracy.

Alacon’s Challenge: Navigating Aviation Compliance

In the high-stakes world of aviation – regulations loom large, and the margin for error is razor-thin. 

Alacon’s clients routinely grapple with:

  • Capturing precise data in a fast-paced environment.
  • Recording data in regions with spotty internet access.
  • Extensive software integration requirements.  
  • Adapting form structures frequently to adapt to evolving docking procedures.

Their Solution – Data Collection Using Appenate

The team at Alacon are true innovators among our clients, pushing the envelope far beyond simple checklists. Their apps are built with advanced conditional logic, allowing complex calculations and multistep workflows for efficient task delegation.

They tap into nearly every one of our features. Their top picks? 

  • Vast integration capacity.
  • Custom form outputs.
  • Flexible table fields.

This trio makes it a breeze to gather, share, and stash away their key operational data.

“We’ve trialled many competitors, and none were as feature-rich as Appenate.”    


A Leap in Data Accuracy & Efficiency

By digitizing forms with our app builder, Alacon managed to slash human and transcription errors, boosting both the accuracy AND speed of information. 

Data preservation and access (especially for audits) became effortless! 

“Compared with the paper-based versions we used to use, our apps are reducing completion times by over 60%!” – Simon

Plus, Appenate finally made rapid app modifications a reality for their team – ending the wait for custom docket books.

Alacon Aero & Appenate
– Allies In Data Security

Aviation is a nexus of massive personal data, sensitive operational details, and intricate regulatory frameworks. A breach can quickly cascade into catastrophe.

We asked Simon about their approach to data security – he highlighted their use of our built-in features:

  • Strategic data hosting choices.
  • Precise organizational setups.
  • Strict user access controls.
  • Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Our ‘is personal data’ feature.

If you’re curious about the measures we take to secure client data – review our GDPR page.

Perfect Alignment: Appenate Meets Aviation

When we quizzed Simon about Appenate’s fit in the aviation market, his response was crisp: “Yes.” He emphasized that data integrity is non-negotiable in the tightly regulated aviation sector. 

Appenate, he noted, ticks all the boxes for accuracy, completeness, consistency, and validity of data — key for compliance. Plus, we seamlessly sync with devices already popular in the industry, making us a worthy match.

The Road Ahead: Alacon & Appenate’s Continued Ascent 

Simon showed optimism when we asked about the future of our partnership. “The first order of business? Moving all our paper forms to Appenate,” he mentioned. 

They’re eyeing the horizon for more — thinking of weaving Appenate into their training and communication systems, too. 

When we asked Simon if he’d like to add anything else we should know about, he didn’t hesitate:

“Exceptional support. Keep it up! We’re in it for the long haul with Appenate.” 

Simon Ozanne

Alacon Aero

Innovative Aviation Management & Consulting Services

Headquaters: Canberra, Australia

Website: https://alaconaero.com/

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