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What Makes A Sound Security Patrol Tracking System?

A first-hand look at how Appenate created accountability within the security industry

Better Security Patrol Tracking

There’s always a bad egg or two that threaten to ruin a sound system. Thankfully, Appenate stepped in to help before this security company suffered losses at the hands of their bad eggs.

‘Opportunistic’ Security Guards

This client needed a better security guard tracking solution after a few guards found a way to exploit the system. 

Using an old barcode scanning method, the security guards were supposed to walk to a point in their patrol, scan the barcode, then move on to the next position. 

A good system, in theory. Only the building in question experienced regular vandalism regardless. This baffled management. Had the vandals worked out the guard’s routines? Were they that dedicated to committing the vandalism? 

An investigation found that a few guards weren’t entirely honest about their patrols. They had printed the barcodes and simply scanned them from the comfort of the office. 

NFC Tags To The Rescue

The mess quickly got sorted out for the client with a new and modern security patrol tracking system. By using NFC tags – small tags which are fixed in place – even the bad eggs were forced to go out physically to their patrol points.

Vandalism quickly took a dive, proving that these vandals are simply opportunists and not criminal masterminds.

Why NFC Tags Are Better Than Barcodes:

  • They contain physical technology that’s much harder to fool.
  • They’re not as susceptible to bad weather conditions, where barcodes can quickly become weathered and unusable.
  • A dirty lens or barcode can cause frustration in failed scans. NFC tags don’t have this problem.

More Than Just A Patrol Tracking App

The big question here is, why didn’t this company simply go for a specialized solution like QR Patrol or PatrolScan

The simple answer is that Appenate is a holistic solution. While NFC tags and the Appenate system make an excellent security patrol tracking system, we can handle so much more. Tasks around the office, callouts, automatic data capture, and so much more. 

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How We Did It:

Patrol Tracker: Each guard’s mobile device scans NFC checkpoints along the assigned route. Each NFC tag launches the next task on Appenate.

GPS Location: As a double layer of security, GPS location is sent through to Appenate automatically with each NFC tag scan.

Training: Written manuals or videos can be added for guards to keep up to date with the latest legislation and best practices.

Incident Report: For an accident, breach, theft, or unforeseen event, the data can be entered and stored digitally for easy future reference.

Task Dispatch: Randomized patrol routes to reduce the risk of criminal prediction.

Shift Change Checklist: To record the events of the day, update clock sheets and return equipment.

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