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Customer Use Cases – Property

A first-hand look at how Appenate has streamlined processes in the property sector

Property Company Improves Productivity

UK-based property managers needed a mobile solution for their paper-heavy operations. When the Appenate team assessed their processes, they discovered forms spanning ten pages.

Once Appenate’s automation capabilities were fully realized, they began by setting up a workflow that converted completed forms into PDF documents and sent MS Word versions to an administrator for computer filing.

Next, data captured remotely was passed to a business intelligence tool, which provided a comparative overview of their housekeeping check-in and check-out logs. This removed the time-consuming process of calculating breakage fees manually.

Since adopting Appenate, they’ve not only saved massively on the cost of paper, but can complete far more tasks in the same time period. This increased their capacity to take on a lot of new business whilst quantifiably improving their productivity and decreaseasing their carbon footprint.

Apps Used:

Intermittent Inspections: Keep a record of the property’s condition throughout the lease period. This highlights issues that need addressing & encourages upkeep by the tenant. 

General Admin: Assign tasks to employees with push notifications & complete timesheets with GPS coordinates.

Body Corporate: Manage residential buildings, inspect communal spaces, report damages & add tasks to resolve issues.

Tenant Arrivals & Departures: Capture detailed inventories for furnished units. Complete inspection walkthrough checklists with tenants.

Documents & Forms: Create a depository of all paperwork required to fulfill duties. 

Hospitality: Manage guest check-ins, add maintenance tasks, record guest feedback & manage guest check-outs.

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