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Customer Use Cases – Healthcare

A first-hand look at how Appenate has helped improve healthcare processes

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a US law providing privacy standards that protect patients’ medical records and health information.

A pediatric therapy practice was in search of a digital solution to replace their paper-based forms. A non-negotiable factor in their search was HIPAA compliance.

Medically treating minors added a further layer of complexity to the storage and use of patient data. Access to confidential medical treatment for adolescents had increased in recent decades. Medical data needed to indicate whether it could be shared with legal guardians or not.

Their digital solution would need to be somewhat flexible to address these requirements. Appenate’s Customer Success team were happy to demonstrate that they could customize the name of each field in a form and use a checkbox to mark “Protected Health Information” (PHI). Once checked, these fields were anonymized.

There was no unique plan or additional cost to gain access to these features. We provided a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) stating all details of compliance, that was signed by both parties, allowing them to collect PHI.

HIPAA With Appenate:

Convenience: Create HIPAA forms in under 5 minutes with our easy to use drag and drop technology.

No Additional Cost: Our platform as a whole is HIPAA compliant. You’ll be able to create compliant forms under any Appenate subscription plan.

Backed Up And Secure: Appenate is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, delivering fault-tolerant services. Data remains secure, backed up, and in line with local legislative storage requirements.

Signatures & Files: Receive signatures and attachments electronically through your forms.

Free Support And Training: We want every customer to get maximum value from Appenate, so we provide FREE 1-on-1 training and quality support.

Business Agreement: Appenate will provide a Business Associate Agreement stating our HIPAA compliance, enabling you to collect PHI.

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