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Feature Showcase: Quick Sync

Quick-sync Feature Showcase by Lisa (Appenate Avatar)

As part of our La Boca release, Quick Sync enables you to test apps faster than ever. Lisa nominated this feature as her absolute favourite. As a Sales Associate at Appenate, she knows all too well that customers don’t like going back and forth to get things done! Before we … Read more

Inspect with Confidence: The 7 Best Mobile Site Inspection Apps

Reliable Site Inspection Mobile Apps Blog Post Banner

Inspecting with confidence is a big deal. When site inspections come around, we’re often ill-prepared – racing against the clock. The ability to pull up a smartphone, log entries and flag issues on the fly can be a game-changer. Enter the magic of mobile Site Inspection apps. This post covers seven … Read more

AppnBytes: RSA Encryption & Prime Numbers

Emile AppnBytes : RSA Encryption & Prime Numbers

We’re back with another AppByte! This time, we’re exploring the fascinations of Emile Nieuwoudt, an entry-level dev at Appenate. If the coalescence of encryption and math lore interests you, stick around. Context  As an Entry-Level Full-Stack-Developer with a background in Mathematics that’s recently joined the IT-Industry, it warmed my heart … Read more

Maintenance Management Software That Adapts To Your Needs

Blog post header for maintenance management system post - a man happily uses Appenate for maintenance applications

Ever wished your maintenance management software was more adaptable? Or that it was offline-capable or had a convenient mobile app?  Maybe you want a solution that includes a task management system or that gives you greater control over which fields make up your maintenance report forms or service forms. Perhaps … Read more

5 Internal Auditing Software Solutions That Are Truly Worth Your Time

5 Audit Management Solutions That Are Worth Your Time - Blog Banner

Quality Auditing Software can be the game-changer you’re seeking. Compliance is nuanced, complex and time-consuming. All too often, we find ourselves scrambling to meet audit deadlines. Getting different departments to cooperate, trying to manage stacks of paper, and shaving off enough time – it’s never easy.  Thankfully, technology has successfully … Read more

Feature Showcase: Enterprise Toolkit

Feature Showcase - Enterprise Toolkit

What’s the best thing about Digital Transformation? For us – it’s the ability to switch from dislocated datasets to fully integrated systems! For this very reason, Eduardo, a Customer Success Associate at Appenate and part of our LATAM team, picked our ‘Enterprise Toolkit’ as his favourite Appenate feature. Working so … Read more

Site Security Fundamentals: Let’s Encrypt & SSL

Appnbytes - Site Security Fundamentals By Morné Zaayman

It’s been a while, but we’re back with another Appnbyte! In case you missed it – Appnbytes are mini-articles written by the developers at Appenate, translating complex ideas and findings into simple language.  This one is meaty and a must-read for anyone interested in basic web security. It was written … Read more

How To Help Your Field Teams Be More Productive

As costs skyrocket and financial uncertainty abounds, we must do what we can to help our field teams stay productive. If we’re going to survive these turbulent years, we must do our best to keep morale high and costs low.  So… what are some low-cost solutions we can try to … Read more