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Thanks to Appenate, we’ve been able to expand all over the world by offering comprehensive digital transformation solutions to companies in all major industries

– Vivek Gupta, Founder & CEO at qubesense by IndoGlobus Solutions

Case Study: qubesense Intelligent Digital Transformation Platform

When it comes to white-label business opportunities, here’s one of our Consulting Providers that stands out. They built a strong and successful business using Appenate as a base – and here’s how.

Business Goal



  • To provide customized, end-to-end, industry-agnostic digital transformation solutions across the globe.
  • A mobile forms app platform that seamlessly integrates with qubesense to provide mobile offline data access capabilities to field users.
  • Appenate enables us to provide robust and customized mobile solutions to the qubesense global customer base.

How They Got Started With Appenate

As a white-label business partner, qubesense initially used Appenate as a platform to provide qubesense’s existing customers with custom business apps and mobile form integration services. However, they soon realized that the seamless integration between qubesense and Appenate could also be leveraged to develop customized end-to-end digital transformation solutions for Appenate’s customers and create an additional revenue stream for their partners and resellers.

This led to the development of a comprehensive digital transformation platform that enabled custom solutions for various business use cases. Using Appenate as a mobile front end, qubesense simplifies processes, ensures data-driven decisions, enhances accessibility, automates workflows, and provides real-time visibility into operations with its end-to-end digitization, all on a single platform.

qubesense offers business apps, analytics & dashboards, and custom modules that seamlessly integrate into existing systems, including Appenate.

From customizable mobile forms for field service teams to rapidly developing and deploying HIPAA-compliant custom modules for healthcare providers, qubesense works with companies globally across multiple domains: oil and gas, construction, FMCG, farming, health & safety, utilities, automotive, manufacturing, field sales, logistics & military, among others.

qubesense has demonstrated its expertise in driving innovation and bridging the gap between customer needs and technology.

When they first joined Appenate – choosing us above 35 other competitor platforms – neither of us could imagine how far we’d come together. 

This is how they created their business, seamlessly integrating with Appenate – and how they continue to win every day.

A Different Approach To Customer Success

The success of the qubesense platform has been attributed to its development roadmap, which is entirely focused on customer needs.

Instead of basing their development planning on research and projected customer needs, they base it on their customer’s real-world use cases and scenarios for digital transformation solutions. As customers request solutions, qubesense prioritises accordingly, providing a simple, reliable, and scalable platform to improve their customer’s business processes.

This helps drive business growth for the company and provides Appenate’s customers with fully functional custom digital transformation solutions for specific business needs – without having to build forms themselves.

qubesense has taken a highly innovative approach to creating added value for Appenate’s customers and partners. They use Appenate to create powerful mobile applications, while their platform provides more detailed reporting, analytics and the development of custom modules for comprehensive solutions. qubesense also provides seamless integration with any third-party API (which enables customers to keep using the software they’re already happy with in conjunction with Appenate and qubesense).

This approach enables qubesense to streamline its customers’ business processes and increase productivity, resulting in a growing customer base of satisfied customers worldwide.

Four Technical Marvels With Appenate That Unleashed Phenomenal Growth

Another factor in team qubesense’s success is their innovation on Appenate and their own platform.  They’ve built groundbreaking custom workflow modules that have helped them deliver exceptional customer results.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these solutions.

1. Transformed A 45 Minute Job Into A 45 Second Job

This customer’s process of getting their data in the right place was a tiresome experience.  They were using multiple workflow management software – in addition to email and zip files – to manage their complex business processes. 

Although they had digital systems in place, they were off-the-shelf platforms that required almost 45 minutes of extra validation work after completing each field job.

This resulted in the team working almost 12-16 hours a day, all seven days of the week, to manage the entire work order management process.

Using Appenate for the mobile front end and the qubesense platform for intelligent resource scheduling, back-end integration, data management, and auto validation, the entire process was automated and reduced to just 45 seconds per field job. This system auto-validated each step, ending payment arguments with this customer and its clients.

In the end, the qubesense team created a custom solution which included all the modules needed to manage things from a single platform for a seamless experience. This brought efficiency and transparency to the customer’s business, exponentially enhancing their client’s satisfaction and trust.

2. Innovation In Agriculture

It’s easy to assume that agricultural companies leave innovation to others. In the case of qubesense’s agriculture customers, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

As one of the largest independent growers in the country, this agricultural company required an automated end-to-end farming solution that would enable them to manage the entire inventory, tasks, products, financials, and outlays all on a single platform. 

The company needed to monitor batches and improve their productivity and production quality. Therefore, they needed a platform that offered the right reports and custom modules that matched their internal processes, which was vital to their success.

qubesense helped them create the custom solution they needed. They assigned a batch number to each crop – in this case, a QR code printed via the qubesense platform. That, paired with Appenate’s QR code scanning capabilities, gave them the information they needed – whenever they needed it.

This gave them the end-to-end traceability required to succeed with a comprehensive digital farming solution.

Here’s some of the information they could now access with ease…

  • When the seeds were sown
  • Which chemicals were used to protect the crops
  • Who planted the seeds
  • When the batch was harvested
  • The profitability of individual batches
  • And more!

Apart from this, qubesense also integrated this information onto a live map. So the farmers could see batch stats for plots on the mapping tool, which enabled them to see which farm blocks were performing best and which needed attention. qubesense also seamlessly integrated with their existing satellite imagery system, IOT-based disease and weather monitors, and accounting software.

Overall, a revolution in agricultural tech.

3. Easy Employee Hour Tracking

Another customer faced a challenge in tracking their employee hours, which was necessary for two primary reasons:

  1. To track employee hours accurately to avoid the risk of incorrect entries on timesheets.
  2. To determine the available capacity of their staff for more efficient task and workflow allocation.

This was a tedious process since manual paper-based reports were being drawn up and checked, requiring a full-time employee.

qubesense was tasked with creating a simpler, more streamlined report. Using Appenate’s formula builder and the qubesense platform, they developed custom modules that enabled accurate tracking of employee hours.

They were then able to generate automated payroll reports, removing the customer’s need to invest in a separate payroll system. 

On top of that, using Appenate’s GPS functionality, they could also see where their employees were at the time of check-in – all the way down to the street view. Meaning they could be sure that employees weren’t tracking hours from the comfort of their favourite pub. 🙂

4. PDF Overload

One of qubesense’s customers had 10 different PDF reports that summarized the various processes within their business. These reports were necessary to get a complete picture of the company’s operation. The PDF’s were challenging to analyze.

qubesense, using their innovation and technical skill, created an integration that merged all of these reports into one easy-to-understand report. This was done using Appenate’s custom data template functionality to create custom PDFs. From there, they connected Appenate to the qubesense platform, where a fully merged report could be seen. 

The customer could now easily filter and sort the report to find the exact information they needed – without digging through 10 different PDFs. This solution consolidated the information into a single PDF; auto-generated a table of contents; and provided a dynamic word editor, allowing quick executive summaries to be drawn up – automatically attached to the consolidated document.

They Keep Winning!

These were just some of the ROI-driven solutions that the qubesense platform has provided. Using Appenate as a base for their customers’ mobile needs, they could focus on the specific requirements instead of developing pointless roadmaps.

This is the secret behind their success – and they’ll continue to innovate and create exceptional digital transformation solutions for their customers well into the future.

Check out their website here for more.

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