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“We Decreased Our Admin Time
By Roughly 80%”

– Anonymous Property Manager

Property Management Case Study

Our goal at Appenate is to help businesses run smoother – without complicating things. That’s why we offer free support and training for life – an offer that this customer (who wished to remain anonymous) made full use of to cut their admin and build client trust.

Business Goal



  • Ease the admin burden and increase data visibility and reliability across a vast operating area.
  • Custom mobile Forms by way of Appenate’s drag-and-drop Form Designer and Geo-Location.
  • Admin cut by 40-80% and client trust increased by providing GPS-backed proof of inspections.

The Challenge Of Property Management

This property management business covers a vast area, which means relying on paper forms scanned in and emailed across the country. How could clients trust paper as proof of inspections? Similarly, could management trust the word of contractors?

For all anyone knew, the inspection reports could be filled out from the contractor’s couch. Then there was the time burden this manual admin process caused. 

That’s why this customer needed a better solution. And so begins our story…

After realising that software could make their life easier, the search for the right tools began. It wasn’t easy though. 

They tried what felt like countless trials and attended endless demos – but nothing quite fit the vision they had. Platforms were either too complicated or too rigid, and the last thing they wanted was to hire an IT consultant to make sense of the complicated platforms. 

The purpose of this exercise was to save money and time – not spend it. 

That’s when they came across Appenate.

A phone with a question mark

A Sceptical Start

Appenate looked good yet complicated. It seemed like the right solution, however, so they gave us a shot. 

They were delighted to find that our promise of free, world-class support ended up being 100% true. They were helped through the onboarding process and ended up paying for the platform. That’s when they were transferred to another department (Customer Success). 

Driven sceptical by too many bad experiences, they thought this was it – the support would end here. 

Much to their delight, it got even better. 😎

“During onboarding, I was very happy with the support. After committing, I expected support levels to deteriorate, but they only got better.”

Anonymous Property Manager

How They Used Appenate

Before Appenate, all this client's processes were bogged down in paper

Given the vast area that the business covered, the admin was often a headache. 

They needed something to help them build custom Forms, automatically send reports and have some sort of Task dispatch. They found all of this in Appenate, plus the invaluable GPS features (covered in the next section). Finally, the ability to integrate spreadsheets in both Microsoft Office and Google Docs format was a welcome bonus. 

Before Appenate, everything was paper. Now their process is mostly digital, and they ended up decreasing their admin time by 40-80%. 

The saved time could now be used for more growth-centric activities. 

An Unexpected Bonus

Operating a property management business on paper has its challenges. One of these was that management had to take the contractor’s word that they were physically at the site for an inspection. 

And so the client had to take management’s word for it as well – there was no hard proof. 

With Appenate, there’s proof in the form of GPS coordinates at the time of form completion. The contractor is forced to be at the property before the inspection can even commence. This means even the most distrustful clients can rest assured that their properties are being cared for adequately. On top of that, when questioned, management could produce proof and not mere assurances. 

Ready To Cut Your Admin?

This customer experienced a claimed 80% drop in admin time

If you’d like to explore Appenate as a potential solution to your admin woes, it won’t cost you a thing. Sign up for a 30-day trial and enjoy free support and training for as long as you stick around. 

If you’re new to mobile forms, this blog post is a great place to get started.

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