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“We found Appenate and realized that it was
more than just mobile forms”

– Enterprise X

Enterprise X, Salesforce And 40 Hours Less Admin

Enterprise X, a building maintenance company, realised they were spending too much time and money on data processing. So they set out to find a solution that would cut hours from their workweek while possessing the capability to integrate with Salesforce.

Business Goal



  • Find a better data processing solution in order to free up time and streamline management of building maintenance teams.
  • Found Appenate and loved the functionality – plus the vision of a Salesforce connector to feed data back and forth between their platforms.
  • They cut 40+ hours of admin duties from their workweek, and can now feed data between Salesforce and Appenate seamlessly.

A Prominent Building Maintenance Enterprise

Our client doesn’t want their real name revealed, so we’ll call them Enterprise X (no affiliation to Charles Xavier, by the way. 😉)

Before Appenate, Enterprise X employed a full-time contactor to manage their data and client-side reports. The job was to pull data from their current system, organize it into a clean report, and then send it on to clients.

This process required a full 40 hours a week to complete. They knew there had to be a better way.

So the search began. Enterprise X needed something which could accommodate not only their short-term needs (ease of data & reporting) but also their long-term needs (connect to Salesforce & feed data both ways).

No small task, but they were confident they could find their perfect fit.

“We were desperately trying to find a solution for our mobile forms.”

Enterprise X

A phone with a question mark

“It’s Not Really Supposed To Do That”

During their search, Enterprise X found several potential candidates to solve their data problems. In the trialling phase, they would ask their most important questions and get some sort of response as follows…

“It’s not really supposed to do that,” or “We could consider adding that to our roadmap.” 

There were a few Salesforce certified partners in the mix too – a big appeal to Enterprise X – since they were considering a migration to the popular platform. Every time, however, these candidates fell just short of being that “perfect fit.”

Until they found Appenate.

Meeting High Expectations

Appenate met all of Enterprise X’s needs and more. They were impressed by our wide range of functionality, and when asked the same questions as some of our competitors, our answer was always “yes, we can make that work.” 

After spending time with the Appenate customer success team and testing the platform thoroughly, Enterprise X was ready to commit. 

They figured we were a good fit for the short term, at the very least.

A 40 Hour Work Week Saved

After discovering Appenate, Enterprise X could automate their reporting and free up an entire 40 hours from their workload. They no longer required a full-time data person.

Enterprise X technicians can now go about their day without worrying about data. Everything that’s captured is automatically sorted and sent to the client using the REST and Email Connectors.

Salesforce Integration Was Key

Salesforce and Appenate integration

“There were a number of form providers we explored, but we made a decision to go with Appenate because of the functionality we saw. It was pretty clear that Appenate would be most likely to connect to whatever other platforms we choose.”

– Enterprise X

Enterprise X hasn’t yet found a more fitting solution to their needs than Appenate. So they were thrilled when Appenate agreed to build a Salesforce connector.

Salesforce doesn’t specialize in mobile forms. Inspection reports and field tasks are better handled through another platform – like Appenate. Enterprise X needed this sort of data to handle their tasking and preventative maintenance on HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other non-structural building maintenance applications. 

So the goal was to feed data back and forth through Appenate and Salesforce – and we made it happen. Appenate now has a Salesforce API for customers of the popular platform to use as they see fit.

The Future Is Bright

“Future potential uses of Appenate are unlimited.”

– Enterprise X

Enterprise X is excited to continue using Appenate.

“We haven’t even touched some of the features yet,” said their representative. They look forward to limitless possibilities and to seeing what Appenate can do for their business next. 

We’ll be the first to agree that Appenate does have its limits – like any other platform. Enterprise X hasn’t found them yet, however.

The close to 2-year-long partnership has been great, and Appenate is just as excited to see what the future may hold.

Your Next Move

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