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Feature Showcase: Offline Capable Apps

Ruan, showcasing our offline capable apps, sits on a beach - to signify a remote working location - with his computer on his lap.

This month, we’ve got Ruan, our App Lead, highlighting our native applications’ Offline Capabilities.  We’re excited to be able to highlight this feature – but first, here’s a little more about Ruan.  He takes full advantage of Appenate’s remote work culture and lives as a digital nomad.  He’s currently stuck … Read more

How To Use Mobile Forms To Reduce Machine Failure Cost

Man tending to a machine failure using mobile forms

Nobody enjoys a machine failure or breakdown. Sure, the operator sometimes gets a break, but it’s not worth the production loss. That’s why we spend so much on planned maintenance. Despite our efforts, they do happen, and we’ve got to meet them when they come.  One option is to use … Read more

Feature Showcase: White Label Apps

Cartoonization of Morne for our whitelabel feature showcase

Morné, our Backend Lead, has chosen to highlight Appenate’s comprehensive white labelling feature this month. Specifically, our ability to publish iOS, Android and Windows native apps with bespoke branding and imagery.  Before we get more into our App As A Service (AaaS) functionality, a little bit about Morné… He used … Read more

Health Forms For Businesses Recovering From COVID-19

COVID Health Forms For Businesses In Recovery

There aren’t many good health information capture tools out there for businesses. Strange, considering the times we live in.  The majority of the tools you’ll find online are for specialist health care companies – which are clearly not for you. All you want are a few simple health forms to … Read more

How To Improve Your Office Cleaning Checklist In 3 Easy Steps

Cleaning the office with wipes and gloves

It’s time to dump that old office cleaning checklist, especially if it’s been a while since the last overhaul. COVID has changed things. There’s no room for half-measures. Nothing less than 100% will do to keep our employees and their families safe. So, without further ado, let’s take the next … Read more