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How Mobile Apps Are Evolving Security

Combining mobile devices and security apps can cut downtime and costs, allowing you to more efficiently manage your security operations.

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Monthly Feature Showcase:

Matt, from our dev team, has chosen Job & Task Dispatch as his favourite feature to share with you this month…

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How To Digitize Your Business Process In 5 Easy Steps

How To Digitize Your Business Process In 5 Easy Steps. 1. Research and find a no-code mobile app platform that compliments your business process…

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8 Tips For Building Better Mobile Forms

Ensuring mobile forms are completed timeously and effectively can often be a challenge for team leaders.
A good way to help achieve this is through form optimization. We have compiled 8 simple ways to enhance your forms for better results.

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Shopping For A Mobile Forms Platform? What You Need To Know.

Our top tip would be to start by making a list of the functionalities your organization needs from a mobile form or drag & drop app provider.
While you’re browsing around, make notes of the features on offer that would work best for you.
Here are some attributes we think are important…

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Paper vs Mobile – ROI You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Paper vs Mobile – ROI You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Companies that make the switch from paper to mobile find dramatic savings to their bottom lines and the time it takes to complete a task – this has been noted from as early as 2012. Simply put, it’s no longer about whether you can afford to mobilise, the question is why you haven’t already!

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Mobilising Government Field Workers: Streamline Processes & Accountability With Mobile Apps

Overwhelmed by the amount of paper in use, some local governments are now implementing and reaping the benefits of native mobile applications.

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No-Code Business Apps: Breaking Shackles On Productivity

As enterprise IT and business needs continue to intersect, modern devices and apps are essential differentiating factors in today’s competitive landscape.

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disaster management apps

Disaster Management Apps; A Fundamental Tool In Today’s Rescue Efforts

The answer to the challenge of unstructured data related to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, landslides, volcanoes or other events, is purpose-built mobile applications.

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Why Re-Invent The Wheel When You Can White Label Instead?

White labeling a company’s software should be about more than merely adding your name to a solution, but about forging a partnership. You and your chosen software partner are in it for the long run, both your businesses success rely on the others ability to flourish.

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