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Feature Showcase: Contactless Signature

We’ve got something special this month – our latest feature, Contactless Signature Capture.

Bradley, an Appenate Developer, was heavily involved in our digital signature capture endeavour. So he’ll be showcasing it for us today.

As always, here’s a little bit about Bradley.

  • He loves automating things – the main reason he got into programming. 
  • He rides street trials on his bicycle – things don’t always go well. 
  • He’s a bit of a history buff – especially on the two world wars.

Collect Signatures On The Go – With Zero Physical Contact

COVID blindsided the world. It exposed just how fragile our systems and processes are. 

Many businesses which were formerly close-minded about remote work got forced into trying it out. Physical contact – even physical proximity – became a problem. 

A huge problem that popped up was collecting signatures. In many industries across the globe, collecting signatures is a vital business function that we can’t exactly do without. Safety inspections, quotes, deliveries, etc. – the list of things that need signatures is endless. 

Being no stranger to adapting our platform to our customer needs, Appenate decided to tackle the situation head-on – and Contactless Signatures were born. 

This gives Appenate customers the means to collect signatures with zero contact. A simple QR code scan with the client’s device allows them to sign off on important documents – without sharing pens or devices. 

To learn more, read the blog post here.

“Contactless signatures allow businesses to proceed with their daily duties while minimizing risk. This allows businesses to do their part in minimising the spread of COVID, while still doing what they do best – serving their customers.” – Bradley

Phone screens showing online signature capture using Appenate's Contactless Signature Capture feature

Aiding The Fight Against COVID

Appenate has always formed a base for our customers to move towards a paperless, contactless business. COVID simply made these features the highlight of our feature base. 

Now, with contactless signatures, we give businesses one more way to punch back against COVID – and keep critical business functions rolling no matter what the world throws at us. 

Moving forward, we’ll keep fighting to give our customers the best possible experience on the best possible platform that we can provide. 

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