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Contactless Online Signature Capture – Go Mobile, Keep Safe

When the global pandemic hit, we dedicated ourselves to finding solutions to the problems that appeared. One of these is the “wet ink” signature – we needed to find a way our users could utilise online signature capture. 

Not many of us gave a shared pen a second thought in the past. Today they’re a verified health risk.

So we decided to fill the need for a digital signature capture solution that can adapt to several different companies and setups – all within the Appenate platform.

Here’s what we came up with… 

Digital Signature Capture Limits Risk

We all know that feeling by now… you go to shake someone’s hand, but you hesitate. Are they sick? Are you, but don’t know it yet? 

This leads to an awkward situation and maybe even a clumsy elbow bump.

Now, imagine people who have to collect signatures daily. It’s another awkward, apologetic event that they have to repeat every day. Some companies have done away with signature capture altogether – which could have severe consequences down the line. 

Take, for example, courier companies; if a package ends up in the wrong hands, who gets the blame? Regardless of blame, who has to cover the cost of the lost package? The company? The driver? Are either fair? 

Safety inspections, job cards, work orders, quotes, health forms, etc. – all these things need to be signed off. And while there are online signature capture options available, these are often limited and require the signatory to be at their computer.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce our latest feature, Contactless Signature Capture. 

How Does It Work? 

Here’s the story. Your technician gets dispatched to a client’s job site and has to fill in a work order to get it signed off by the client. Only problem: the client’s policy is no physical contact. 

They could douse themselves, the paper and the pen in sanitiser, and probably ruin the ink and render the document useless. 

Or they could go with digital signature capture – with a platform like Appenate. 

The signature field within the mobile form comes paired with an auto-generated QR code. The signatory scans the code with their personal device, which navigates to a web page where they can enter their signature. From there, the signature uploads to the form on the original device.

Work can begin – without physical contact proving a roadblock. 

It’s quick, simple, and can apply to a wide variety of scenarios and documents or forms. 

Endless Opportunities With Contactless Online Signature Capture

Our customers are always finding innovative ways to use the Appenate platform, which is why the following list is by no means exhaustive. 

Regardless, here are some ideas on where to add our electronic signature feature…

  • Work orders & job cards
  • Field sales invoices or quotes
  • Safety inspections
  • Attendance registers
  • Acceptance of deliveries
  • Withdrawals of stock from the stores
  • Planned and preventative maintenance check sheets (machine operator can sign off without contact)
  • Personal Development Plans or Annual Key Performance Indicator reviews
  • Cleaning checklists (if a manager needs to sign off)
  • Timesheets

You can even add digital signatures to COVID screening apps, like this one from our examples catalogue (ready to download):

Before and after capturing a signature with the Contactless Screening app
Remote screening is possible – but for on-site screenings, Contactless Signatures become a necessity.

The same with our courier delivery note app

Phone screens showing online signature capture using Appenate's Contactless Signature Capture feature
You can capture electronic signatures with zero contact on any of your mobile forms on Appenate.

We hope that digital signatures soon put a stop to the wet ink signature and shared pens and devices. 

I mean, how many times do you think a shared pen gets touched in a day? Given the fact that germs can survive on them for up to 72 hours, let’s do away with them, shall we? 

What’s The Quickest Way To Implement This? 

If you have forms on Appenate already, it’s a simple drag and drop to add Contactless Signature capabilities to your form.

Gif showing the simple drag and drop action required to add the Online Signature Capture field onto an Appenate mobile form.
If you’re not a current Appenate client, simply sign up for a free trial and our friendly support team will guide you through your first form – so you’ll be up to speed in no time.

If you prefer to work on your own, we also have a detailed knowledgebase containing everything you need to get started – and go from beginner to advanced Appenate user with ease. 

For more info, see our Contactless landing page here.

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The simplicity of the platform means you can get your first digital form up on day 1, leaving you plenty of time to test the platform. And if you need any help, our quick and efficient support team is there to assist you. 

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