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The best low-code platform for digitizing your
clients’ paper forms & complex processes

Current Tool Can’t handle your client’s workflow? Ditch It – And opt for Appenate,
were the answer is “Yes! You can build that” almost every time.

“Appenate hasn’t blown smoke. There isn’t a form this thing can’t handle. There just isn’t.”

–J.M., an Appenate partner in bunkering & marine fuel trading

Super Robust App Builder.
Surprisingly Straightforward Interface.

For how much complexity Appenate can handle, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to use once you get the hang of it.

See how you’d build a basic timesheet app in just 5 minutes:

It’s quite easy to build a form in Appenate. If you have two screens up, you’ll have your Word or Excel form on one and Appenate’s App Builder on the other. You copy the Word or Excel form and paste it in. That’s all you’re doing really – copying”

– T.Y., an Appenate partner in industrial cleaning

No matter your industry, Appenate is robust
enough to handle your client’s needs:

Task management

Digitize the highly-complex processes that other software can’t.

Build super-custom workflows, set recurring tasks, assign tasks, and track task status – so you can provide your client with visibility into their workflow every step of the way.

Offline access

Say goodbye to spotty internet and hello to anytime app use. With offline access, your client can gather information in the field regardless of connectivity. Once they are back online, data will automatically sync to the server. You can even upload files and docs to have available when you are offline. Build an app that gives your client everything they need in the palm of their hand – all the time.

Data security

Let go of data security worries for good. Rest assured your client’s data is backed up in secure data centers across the Americas, Europe, and Australasia.

You can focus on building out robust functionality – knowing you’ll never have to sacrifice data security.

Integrations library

Unlock functional possibilities with integrations to over 20 apps.

With the integrations library, you can easily connect with the systems you already use. Perform a variety of actions, including pushing data to another system, pulling data into your form, triggering emails or SMS based on data, or storing data input in a database.

“We built an entire system from beginning to end – from the assessment to the quotation, to the ordering, to the job card, to the inspection, to the invoicing. We even built the CRM out of Appenate. It sounds so impressive when I actually say it out loud.”
An Appenate partner in rail freight transport and liquid petroleum & gas transport

Field Types for Every Use Case

Complex calculations? Contactless signature capture? Watermark images? There’s a field type for that. With 23 field options available, you can customize your app with near limitless possibilities.

Need to take photos? Capture location? Do a bulk barcode scan? No problem. There’s even a REST field, which allows you to pull data from any API into your apps.

Multi-Language Functionality

Finally give your clients the language options they’re asking for.

With multi-language functionality, your client’s end-user can experience your app in over 10 languages supported by Appenate.

Support our partner community raves about.

Ever been stonewalled or even charged extra for support? At Appenate, we believe in placing our partners first. That’s why we proudly offer free training and support for life.

We’ll be with you side-by-side as you evaluate Appenate, ramp up to build your first app, and then consistently deploy to clients. No matter what stage you’re in, you’ll always find someone to help at the other end of the phone or an email.

Plus, you’ll always have access to:

Knowledge base of 200 articles covering every feature of the platform

In-line guides and videos right inside the app builder

As a team, we take supporting you seriously – but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

“I’m Appenate’s biggest fan. I needed to build an asset management system and that was a step away from forms and into databases. A member of the Appenate team really talked me through it and equipped me with some real examples to try.”
– J.G, An Appenate partner in rail freight transport and liquid petroleum & gas transport

A Partnership Program That Puts Your Success First. No, Really.

Appenate is fully self-funded. We’re not venture backed, and so we’re not on some fast-tracked, high-risk path to growth.
We’re here for the long haul. This means we can focus on delivering value to right-fit customers: our reseller partners.

We care about working with right-fit reseller partners who are excited to help us with steady, sustainable, long-term growth.


Get your product into the hands of thousands of people – with only your name on it.

The Branding Center for vendors allows you to customize anything you build with your logo, colors, and designs. Appenate’s name doesn’t show up anywhere, so your business is always front and center.

pricing structure

With partner pricing that’s structured around users in the app, you pay only for the costs of licensing the software during the build phase – which means you can pass the bulk of the cost to your client at deployment. On top of that, the pricing model means there no “user minimums” to break even. You have the flexibility to work with whatever client you want – large or small.

track record

Always be the last-mile service provider. We bring behind-the-scenes technical chops, and you bring everything else. Our reseller contract means our name doesn’t show up anywhere. You can trust that when we say white label, it’s a true white label partnership. Our zero-conflict track record with channel partners is good for our business — and for yours.

With Appenate, you can build the app your client needs now…
and the partnership your business needs long-term.

“Thanks to Appenate, we’ve been able to expand all over the world by offering comprehensive solutions to companies in all the major industries”

– Founder, “Platform IGQS” (an Appenate partner in agriculture, construction, and many other industries)