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Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Vehicle inspection outcomes don’t have to be scribbled out on paper, be deciphered by a data capturer and then end up in a messy filing cabinet somewhere. With Appenate, you can automate data transfer, eliminate capturing errors, and save hours spent on deciphering scribbles. Grab this app example from our catalogue and easily apply drag-n-drop edits so that it fits your unique requirements. 


This multi-point checklist will allow you to add all your own requirements and automatically store your data in a safe place, without grease stains. 


Implementing an adaptive digital system will give you more control over information flow and integrity while allowing for faster inspections across the board. 


Utilizes Choice fields, Text fields, and even our barcode reader functionality to quickly scan and capture data from license discs. 

Ideal For:

Any business that operates, owns or manages a fleet of vehicles – especially suited to industrial-level applications. 



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