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Customer Use Cases – Construction

A first-hand look at how Appenate has helped improve operations

Optimizing Communication

A balcony manufacturing company was using paper-based forms to run their business. With tight schedules and unstructured exchanges occurring between various parties, keeping track of all aspects of communication was key to a successful project. A growing need for real-time information demanded the use of mobile apps to increase efficiency and productivity.

Using Appenate successfully for some time, they enquired about the possibility of a one-click action to trigger multiple functions. The goal was to upload the form and create a task. The way the platform could deliver a solution was by uploading the form with the click of a button, which would trigger a Rest Connector to create a task by connecting to the company API.

By having an engaging and on-hand support team at Appenate, the customer was able to bring forward a goal and obtain an effective solution.

Apps Used:

Delivery: Use GPS markers on submitted forms to ensure the correct location was used.

Collection: Document what materials have left the warehouse. Track which orders are on their way to customers.

Safety Checks: Follow safety protocols to prevent incidences from occurring.

Acceptance Checks: Verify that orders have been approved and accepted by customers.

Frame Checks: Confirm the correct elements have been provided for the design.

Site Snag Report: Inspect completed work to identify any issues or defects that need rectifying prior to project conclusion.

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