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Speed Up Your Safety Audits & Information Transfer With A Powerful Mobile App

Evaluate The Efficiency & Reliability Of Your Workplace’s Safety Systems With Fully Customisable Digital Checklists

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Safety Audit Checklist

Modernize your audit process with digital checklists – customizable and instantly emailed to all added recipients after submission. Group your checks into categories and use auto-generated IDs for enhanced document management. You can also keep track of inspection time with start/stop buttons – allowing a full overview of the process.


Give your safety officers more control over their inspections, with lost & misplaced documents being a thing of the past. 


A swift & comprehensive digital system for managing safety inspections smartly, without the mess of paper creeping into your business. 


Digital safety audit forms that make use of a variety of Appenate fields, including text, choices & media, plus our email connector for instant inspection reports. 

Ideal For:

Any business operating with physical risks involved, looking for more efficient ways to achieve satisfactory safety standards & data-backed compliance to local standards.



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