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Appenate has become the centre of all our operational administration. So much of what we do with Appenate has become mission-critical to us.

Mark Chimes (Operations Manager of McClelland Concrete Pumping)

“Simply put, Appenate not only saves us time & money – it helps us stay compliant.”

Simon Ozanne (founder of Alacon Aero)

Construction Compliance: Cutting Through The Red Tape 

Today, we spotlight McClelland Concrete Pumping Solutions, a family-run business that shares our passion for quality service and exceptional support. Mark Chimes, the Operations Manager, gives us a glimpse into how Appenate is critical to their operational success.

Business Goal

Streamline workflow and digitize compliance documents.


Introduce real-time tracking and digital administration.


Improved decision-making & compliance with instant data.

Goal: Nailing Down Construction Compliance

Mark and his team were slowed down by an old-school paper system that just couldn’t keep up with the growing compliance demands. 

Turning those paper piles into reports was a time-consuming nightmare. Their goal was simple yet ambitious: to speed up the journey from job done to invoice sent.

They chose Appenate after testing several options, finding it leaps and bounds ahead. 

“The ease of building a form, the flexibility of the connectors and the response to support requests were big stand-outs.” 

Plus, the convenience of creating a single form deployable across various phone types sealed the deal.

Overcoming Connectivity Challenges (And Other Boons)

Their work, high-risk and based in a remote Queensland, Australia location, cames with its own set of challenges.

They frequently face patchy mobile coverage, internet outages, and unexpected road closures caused by unruly weather patterns. 

Appenate delivered a reliable method for capturing data offline, quickly updating information the moment connectivity was restored.

“Appenate’s remote-first design and its ability to quickly re-sync when access is restored has improved our data collection immensely.”

The ability to handle a wide range of data types like auto-date/time, GPS, signatures, and photos ensured they could gather all necessary information to assess any situation their crews encountered thoroughly. 

On top of that, Appenate’s connectors facilitated the seamless transmission of data to multiple external systems, sharpening their view on day-to-day operations.

McClelland’s Custom Compliance Apps

Appenate quickly became integral to their operations.

The first application they built was a job docket – designed for field crews to complete on the job site. 

This improved data accuracy and sped up its return to the base.

Encouraged by these immediate benefits, Mark & his team broadened the scope of their data collection efforts, both in quantity and variety.

We now run over 120 forms over 80 data stores, and we’re continually finding new activities to integrate into the system.Mark

Winning with Real-Time Data And Unmatched Support

In the fast-paced world where job schedules change by the minute, they’ve found their secret weapon in Appenate.

Their apps offer them the superpower to access real-time data on customers, projects, and crews—empowering them to make quick, informed decisions amidst the chaos. 

This agility to adapt to shifting timelines, while ensuring compliance and safety, sets them leagues apart from the competition.

“Now, we are able to provide any customer, site foreman or inspector with the specific compliance document they want at the touch of a button.”

Lastly, their glowing review of our support reflects just how much we’re all in on the success of our customers.

Mark Chimes

McClelland Concrete Pumping

Provides professional and reliable concrete pumping solutions to clients across residential, commercial, civil and energy/mining sectors.

Headquarters: Queensland, Australia


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