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Appenate For Government


Mobile Processes

A responsive and proactive government is a successful one. As field data collection software, Appenate can help with simplifying government and municipal processes, making reporting easy and project implementation simple. Appenate helps to mobilize processes like:

  • Vehicle, park, building, health and safety inspections
  • Customer, client and contractor information capture
  • Ractor information capture
  • Audits, reviews, inspection, and logs
  • Timesheets, applications, and HR forms


Do you need a birds-eye view of what’s happening in a particular suburb? Appenate can give that to you! Making it easy to perform municipal service monitoring, you don’t need to wait for information to trickle in. Rather than waiting for information to trickle in, take the paperwork out of the system and use those many forms as data sources to the Appenate platform to build Listing and Detail screens such as:

  • Suppliers, contractors, and clients
  • Global company contact details
  • Emergency site numbers
  • Suppliers
  • Assets, tools, and machinery

As an intuitive workforce management application, Appenate’s Task features let you build job scheduling and dispatch functionality, letting you take the guesswork out of knowing exactly who is doing what at any given point. Delegate Tasks to your team for completion at a given time and GPS location. Have one team member complete a site audit while another from a separate team completes a task at another site.


Generate Output

There is no more collecting and following up on paperwork only to be filed away. All data collected is live and when a data entry is completed on your app, it is instantly available from the Appenate system. Use our connector functionality to export all of your results as a spreadsheet, PDF or directly into another system. Our data templates functionality lets you use your own formatted templates to produce beautiful outputs that can be automatically emailed.

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