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Appenate screenshots for government work

A Better Way To Manage Utility Service Departments

Constant phone calls and digging around for paper job sheets is not the best way anymore., It’s time for a switch to digital. 

With a powerful tasking solution, custom mobile apps, and offline capability, Appenate could be what you’re looking for. 

Create service-specific apps with a simple drag-n-drop interface.

Instantly deploy new tasks to the field – no phone calls, no printing.

Automatically send emails and basic pdf reports upon completion of a form or task.

Create simple forms or entire processes with the most powerful mobile app builder.

Accessible Information
– Wherever You Are

Appenate is offline-capable, meaning your workers in the field can access crucial documentation wherever they are. What’s more, when the signal drops the work doesn’t stop – Task and Form information is uploaded as soon as they’re back online. 

From the web portal, you can see task overviews, asset maps and more for a wealth of information right at your fingertips. This helps your department to perform at optimal levels. 

Government officials view reports on their apps
Government worker completing inspections with Appenate apps on her tablet

Create An Integrated Digital Stack

Appenate has ready-made Connectors for many popular digital solutions. Including Salesforce, PowerBI, Google docs, and many more. 

We also have a ready-to-go REST API Connector, which can link to any web service with an exposed API. So you can transfer information throughout your stack of tools automatically. 

Try Appenate for free now and let’s solve your paper problems once and for all.

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