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How Appenate Works For Agriculture


Mobile Processes

Appenate enables you to create solutions that increase productivity, not hinder it. Appenate takes the paperwork out of the field, replacing it with field data collection software that works from wherever it needs to. Processes are mobilized, making them easier to fulfill and data is made available on the fly. Appenate helps to mobilize agricultural processes like:

  • Chemical, fertilizer, sowing, planting breeding and harvesting records and logging
  • Equipment, machinery and tool maintenance, repairs, inspections, and inventory
  • Applications for breeder tags, branding and livestock movement
  • Soil, dam level, and livestock health reports
  • Timesheets, human resources, and company forms


Get rid of those tiresome lists and printed forms. Simply add them as data sources to the Appenate platform to build Listing and Detail screens, including:

  • Suppliers, contractors, and clients
  • Global company contact details
  • Emergency site numbers
  • Assets, tools, and machinery

As a workforce management application, Appenate lets you build job scheduling and dispatch functionality, taking the guesswork out of knowing exactly who is doing what at any given point. Delegate Tasks to your team for completion at a given time and GPS location. Have one team member receive instructions on how to accurately mix fertilizer in the warehouse while another captures production yield on the days milking.


Generate Output

Don’t worry about losing that form or remembering to follow up on your chicken feed order. All data collected by an Appenate-driven mobile application is collected live, so when a data entry is completed on your app, it is instantly available from the Appenate system.

Use our connector functionality to export all of your results as a spreadsheet, PDF or directly into another system. Our data templates functionality lets you use your own formatted templates to produce beautiful outputs that can be automatically emailed.

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