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Grab Signatures On The Go – Without Exchanging Devices

A simple QR Code scan is all it takes – fast, convenient & safe. Mobile & Desktop

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Contactless Signature Capture

Get your crucial documents signed on the go without exchanging devices or pens.
No more waiting for signatures via email – scan and sign instantly, whether in the office or on-site. 
Employee Device Graphic

Step 1: Employee Device

The employee adds his signature directly to the form and then provides a QR code for the client to scan using their own device.

Client Device

Step 2: Client Device

Once scanned, the QR Code allows the client’s device to launch their browser, where a signature can then be captured and saved.
Employee Device

Step 3: Employee Device

The client’s electronic signature is then returned to the employee’s device & added to the digital form – all with zero contact between the two.
Screenshots of Contactless Signature

Go Paperless With Mobile Apps
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Sign Your Forms
With A QR Code Scan

This innovative feature works with any modern smartphone camera that allows for QR code scans. Your signee will most likely have a QR-capable device. 

Need More Information?

See our blog post for a more detailed look at our Contactless Signature Feature – including what sparked its development, possible uses, and just how easy it is to include in your Appenate form.

Contactless Signature Graphic
Mobile Forms in Under 5 Minutes

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“Appenate allowed our company to go paperless in the field & gave us the ability to move towards other paperless operations. Within a month we had a department of 12 technicians & one dispatcher using Appenate daily

– Junetta, Commercial Service Department – Total Group

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