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AppnBytes: RSA Encryption & Prime Numbers

Emile AppnBytes : RSA Encryption & Prime Numbers

We’re back with another AppByte! This time, we’re exploring the fascinations of Emile Nieuwoudt, an entry-level dev at Appenate. If the coalescence of encryption and math lore interests you, stick around. Context  As an Entry-Level Full-Stack-Developer with a background in Mathematics that’s recently joined the IT-Industry, it warmed my heart … Read more

Site Security Fundamentals: Let’s Encrypt & SSL

Appnbytes - Site Security Fundamentals By Morné Zaayman

It’s been a while, but we’re back with another Appnbyte! In case you missed it – Appnbytes are mini-articles written by the developers at Appenate, translating complex ideas and findings into simple language.  This one is meaty and a must-read for anyone interested in basic web security. It was written … Read more

AppnBytes: Enter The Testing Process

With our third AppnByte – we’re taking a look at the testing process, as seen through the eyes of Brandon Reid, a junior front-end dev at Appenate. Let’s enter the process. Combining Manual & Automated Testing The testing process begins long before the code is even written. Much thought is … Read more

AppnBytes: How To Avoid Rabbit Holes

Welcome to another AppnByte. An initiative where our developers unpack the lessons they’ve learned throughout their programming careers. Today’s piece is on distraction, penned by Bradley Smithies – Software Architect at Appenate. Let’s jump in. How To Avoid Rabbit Holes Every programmer has found themselves here at some point: working, … Read more

AppnBytes: Optimising User Experience

Optimizing user experience with Joe blog post header

“AppnBytes” is a new initiative that provides a rare look into the minds of our developers. Our very first entry is from Joe de Lange, Intermediate Front-End Developer at Appenate. Let’s dive right in. Optimising The User Experience As a largely data capture-driven product, we have to frequently display large … Read more