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“We found the full white label solution we were looking for”

Company Director
A New Zealand Health and Safety Solutions Provider

Customer Case Study:
A New Zealand Health & Safety Provider

Appenate has provided the tools for this partner to create white label applications for over 75 of their clients.


With a history of ensuring workplaces have reliable health and safety systems, this company was in search of a mobile application solution to add additional value to its client base.

Due to the high cost and risk implications of developing such a solution themselves, a decision was made to source a robust app building platform with end to end white label capabilities.

The Evaluation Process

The director assessed a multitude of options before deciding that Appenate was the ideal trusted partner to broaden their offering with.

When asked what won them over, these benefits came to mind:

  • Full white label capabilities
  • Quick, easy and simple to resell
  • Appenate holds no claim over our clients
  • We set our own pricing model

How Do You Use Appenate?

When asked which aspect of the platform their company relies on the most, the director replied:

“The ability to fully customise our solution. We provide a tailor-made health and safety system to over 75 clients with one of our largest comprising 80 users. Our customers use our solution to assess and regulate everyday health and safety tasks.”


How Appenate Has Helped

When asked how Appenate has benefitted their company, the director said:

“It’s provided both our company and clients with technology, along with the freedom of not having to develop or maintain any of it. Since white labeling Appenate, we’ve noticed a significant increase in engagement with the safety management system.”

The Appenate Experience

When asked to sum up Appenate in one sentence, they replied: 

“Stable and fast.”

New Revenue Stream

“This is a new avenue of business that we had the pleasure of adopting which has surprised us in improving our core offering.”

For anonymity purposes, this customer has requested to be referred to as a “New Zealand Health and Safety Solutions Provider.”

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