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Feature Showcase: Offline Capable Apps

This month, we’ve got Ruan, our App Lead, highlighting our Native Applications’ Offline CapabilitiesWe’re excited to be able to highlight this feature – but first, here’s a little more about Ruan. 

  • He takes full advantage of Appenate’s remote work culture and lives as a digital nomad
  • He’s currently stuck in Koh Samui because of the global pandemic (not a bad place to be locked down in, right?). 
  • He’s addicted to programming and also trades crypto in his spare time.

Work Anywhere – Literally

Ruan often travels to remote locations around the world. Which is why he’s decided to nominate offline-capable apps that make remote, offline work possible. 

No matter where you are, you can complete, store and access data in the field. Whether you have an internet connection or not. So if you’re in an elevator, a disaster-struck area or even a mobile tower blindspot, your work doesn’t have to wait or get lost. 

Complete forms and capture information as needed – everything will be synced to the cloud the moment you have a decent signal again.

“Reliable internet connectivity is hard to get, even in some urban areas. With Appenate you can still collect data, access documents and progress tasks even if you are in a location with no network connectivity. So even when your connection does drop, it doesn’t mean the work has to stop!” – Ruan

A diagram showing a lack of connectivity between a phone, laptop and the cloud. This signifies the need for offline-capable apps.

Appenate’s History Of Offline Capable Apps

Our offline-capable apps gave us our start. Appenate came to exist as a result of the need to collect and store data by a disaster management company – our first customer :). Natural disasters can wipe out connectivity, making the ability to work offline critical – especially when lives are at stake. 

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