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Feature Showcase: White Label Apps

Morné, our Backend Lead, has chosen to highlight Appenate’s comprehensive white labelling feature this month. Specifically, our ability to publish iOS, Android and Windows native apps with bespoke branding and imagery. 

Before we get more into our App As A Service (AaaS) functionality, a little bit about Morné…

  • He used to be a flight instructor and has over 500 hours in the Cessna 172.
  • He’s an avid golfer.
  • He believes in a healthy lifestyle and works out at least four times per week.

Why White Label?

So why did Morné choose AaaS as his favourite Appenate feature? 

Firstly, he loves the fact that anyone can take our technology and use it in their own business – with Appenate being completely invisible. This allows you to be the hero in your story without having to take the risk and expense of developing an app yourself. 

On top of this, Appenate also takes care of the maintenance of your app in the stores, as well as handling updates and bug fixes as and when necessary. 

So your app stays widely accessible and up to date with little effort on your part. 

“You get to offer our product under your own brand without having to take the risk of developing and maintaining your own product. We take care of maintaining and updating the app and publish it to the stores under your company’s name.” – Morné

What’s AaaS Mean To Our Clients?

From Morné’s perspective, using our AaaS offering gives you…

  • Improved visibility of your brand.
  • Increased customer trust with those exposed to your brand.
  • Time and money saved.

In essence, it’s like having your own in-house app development team – but without the cost or headaches. 

How To Take Advantage Of AaaS

If you’ve ever wanted your own business app or simply want to explore the option, feel free to get in touch with our sales team here

If you haven’t tried Appenate yet, sign up here for a free trial.