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Feature Showcase: External API & REST Connector Combo

This month we’ve got something different to show you. Peet, a Senior Developer at Appenate, has chosen to showcase a combo of features.

He likes the way our External API and REST Connector combine to make your life easier. 

Before we get into it, a little about Peet… 

  • He loves the outdoors and takes the occasional trip to a game farm to spend quality time with nature.
  • He loves the beach – specifically the Kwazulu Natal south coast of South Africa – and spending time with his wife. 
  • He likes this song

Why This Combo? 

Peet thinks this combination of features is underrated, underused and often unknown. One of our customers uses it to automatically populate user accounts upon signup, saving them plenty of time and manual data input. 

There are countless other ways to use it too. 

Let’s look at a theoretical example in the maintenance space. Say we have a machine that needs checks by electrical, mechanical and civil staff. Without using this feature combo, the Maintenance Planner would have to create each task individually and then send a message or call the staff member to notify them of the upcoming inspections. 

Using the REST Connector combined with our external API, the planner could create all three tasks without submitting multiple forms. What’s more, each phone can then be sent a push notification, notifying the staff member of the inspection.

No need to fill out multiple forms, send messages or pick up the phone.

“This feature combo allows any Form Screen to make use of all of the functionality that our external API has to offer. It just saves so much time – it’s a no-brainer in many situations.” – Peet

The Commitment To Saving Our Customer’s Time

This combination of features evolved because form submissions were a time-consuming process. After users raised these concerns, our team set to work to solve this problem. 

It’s all thanks to our overall commitment to saving our customers as much time, money and effort as possible. 

Going forward, we’ll continue to find innovative ways to provide the sleekest possible platform we can – and, thereby, serve our customers as best we can. And we’re always open to your suggestions.

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Finally, if you clicked the link near the top and got “rickrolled” by Peet, don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there. 🤣