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Feature Showcase: Custom PDF Generation

Are you tired of generating PDFs by hand based on your field team’s activities? Whether it’s work orders, sales orders or inspection & job cards, manually capturing this information from paper isn’t ideal.

If you relate, this month’s feature showcase is for you. We’re showing off our Data Output Templating functionality, which helps to auto-generate custom PDFs. 

But before we get into it, Meg, our Sales Manager, is behind this one. So here’s a little about her. 

  • She is mother to two daughters (“mini-Megs” as we call them) and two Jack Russells. 
  • She enjoys art and cookery.
  • She loves honesty and dislikes time-wasters. 

Why Data Output Templating? 

Collecting paper forms, capturing the data by hand, and then getting it onto an excel or word template is a pain. There are much better ways to collect your information. 

Let’s take sales orders, for example. By filling out an order form on Appenate, you can set up the backend to autogenerate a PDF – which you can then send straight to your customer using an email connector if you wish. 

The same can be done with a work order, as another example, creating a sort of “work done” PDF. Customized to your specifications, of course.

This can help you can cut hours off your workweek. 

All you need to do is create a suitable template in Microsoft Word or Excel. In it, you can use static text and images, adding placeholders to choose where the data captured through forms goes. 

“The ability to output data collected in the field into a layout of your choice is powerful, and can shave hours off your workweek.” – Meg

Minimize Wasted Time

Saving time on administrative duties frees up capacity to focus on more important tasks. Whether that’s driving sales or putting more value on the table for your customers.

That’s why we have features – like Data Output Templating – dedicated to cutting your workload. If you’d like to explore this or any other features in more depth – or you have any other questions – send customer success an email here. 

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