Platform Overview

Powerful functionality wrapped in a simple, easy to use platform

App Builder

Seriously Dynamic

Our tools offer deep and powerful functionality that enable a multitude of dynamic scenarios and use cases.

Build screens from a variety of field types including barcode scanning, signatures, drawings, photos, video, audio, GPS and map locations.

Add repeating sections, conditional logic, cascading lists, drill down details and anything you need to create an effective data collection tool.

Easily add your own custom logic to generate and control dynamic values, visibility and validation. If you know how to make an Excel formula, you’re good to go!

Control what your users see in the app, even to the point of having separate start screens for different teams and departments.


Real World Ready

Every app created on our platform is offline capable as a standard feature because we know Internet connections are not always reliable when you are out in the field.

Our intelligent technology securely caches all data on the mobile device and synchronises when connected.
We also know that performance is critical to a good user experience. That’s why our application technology is 100% native compiled code.

We think HTML5 is great…for web browsers. But on mobile you need speed and access to every device feature.

Ask Facebook, Xero and LinkedIn and they’ll tell you the same thing!

With Appenate, you can be sure your native apps are ready to go no matter the time or place.


App as a Service

Send us your logos, color scheme and preferred text and we’ll crank out your branded app, with mobile sdk, within 24 hours.

We also submit it to the respective app stores and provide ongoing app updates to keep up with the latest new features and bug fixes.

You maintain complete control of your app’s screens through our platform and can update screens at any time.

Your customers deal only with you and never know we exist – we don’t do “powered by” mentions or any promotional links. You can even on-sell this service to your customers. The glory is all yours!


Would You Like To Build Your Own Apps?