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Appenate For Construction


Mobile Processes

Appenate helps your crews to ditch the clipboard and keep your data up to date in real-time. Thanks to wireless data collection abilities, Appenate mobilizes construction processes and procedures like:

  • Safety Inspection; reports checklists and audits
  • Job proposals, estimates, quotations, invoices, proposals and work orders
  • Incident reports, risk and hazard assessments
  • WHS management plans, contractor compliance, and traffic management plans
  • Licensing, continuing professional development applications
  • Timesheets, evaluations, and human resources


Ditch the clipboard and the forty-seven forms you need for the day on-site with your construction crew. With an Appenate mobile application installed on your mobile device, data capturing is a breeze. You’ll be able to power up and be even more productive as you move around your site. Instead of filling out endless forms, simply add these as data sources to the Appenate platform to build Listing and Detail screens such as:

  • Suppliers, contractors, and clients
  • Global company contact details
  • Emergency site numbers
  • Suppliers
  • Assets, tools, and machinery

As a field force automation tool, our Task features let you build job scheduling and dispatch functionality, taking the guesswork out of knowing exactly who is doing what at any given point. Delegate Tasks to your team for completion at a given time and GPS location. Let your foreman delegate manual tasks per worker or send out a particular job to a team.


Generate Output

Don’t worry about losing that form or remembering to check up your bricklaying certifications. Mobile data capture performed on an Appenate-driven mobile application is collected live, so when a data entry is completed on your app it is instantly available from the Appenate system. Use our connector functionality to export all of your results as a spreadsheet, PDF or directly into another system. Our data templates functionality lets you use your own formatted templates to produce beautiful outputs that can be automatically emailed.

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