What do I get?

Enterprise-grade tools

You gain access to Appenate Customer Connect, an exclusive customer portal with frequently updated technical advice and support materials, that helps you harness the full benefits of cross platform development with ease.



Awesome support

Upon signing up to use Appenate as a mobile application platform, every Appenate customer receives support to assist them with every aspect of the mobile app development platform. We’ll help you resolve consumer issues too! Appenate customers also receive deployment training, for both technical and non-technical roles.

Join a community

We like helping with the development of great applications that your end users find reliable, fast, and powerful. With Appenate, you don’t just get the service, you get the team too… and you’ll join an ever-growing community of like-minded Appenate users who also love creating great mobile apps for business.



Pick your pricing option

At Appenate, we think the reseller business model sucks. Instead of forcing you into a reseller agreement, you pay an affordable base subscription rate and add services as and when you need to. We have no recommended retail price – you can package and price your mobile application management solutions however you like to.

All the glory

We provide the tools so that you can build great data collection applications for your clients. We bill you directly, while you maintain full ownership of the billing and pricing relationship with your customers.


Appenate customers can provide a broad set of cloud services to their clients, including:

  • Consultation
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • Support
  • Vendor Integration
  • Security Management
  • Message Policy Management
  • Storage backup
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Remote Management
  • Service Monitoring
  • Mapping data services

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