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Customer Use Cases – Resellers

A first-hand look at how Appenate has set up Resellers for success

Moving Across To Appenate

This Branded Reseller had outgrown a platform with outdated technology that was starting to limit their offering. Already established with clients, they were facing a large scale migration if they chose to move.

What made it easier to decide was our attitude towards building relationships, attentive support staff, and the forecasted success using Appenate’s modern technology with forward-thinking features.

A significant factor in the decision-making process was data integrity and privacy. We could guarantee that there would be no mention of Appenate anywhere. They were also excited to work with Client Accounts that siloed data and billing. Each account could be assigned its own respective Users, Screens, Data Sources & Tasks that no other Client Account could view. Our customer would later go on to sleep soundly knowing the Appenate team was working on getting the technology 100% GDPR compliant by 25 May 2018.

With Appenate’s features, they were able to increase productivity and free up time to grow their business. They started publishing their client’s apps to the app stores and even went on to offer White Label solutions and reseller options. As far as their prospects were concerned, Appenate had nothing to do with it.

Functions Used:

Provide Trials: The ability to set up a 30 day trial in a matter of minutes. This provides a prospect access to fully evaluate the offering.

Demo: Capabilities to create proof of concept apps to help prospects better visualize how the platform is going to be the ideal solution for them.

Reduce Repetition: Creating apps once in their Central Master Account Repository, and repurposing them over multiple Client Accounts.

Client Removal: Retiring accounts when they’d like to pause a client for a potential future date or deleting them entirely from the master account.

Support: A support User is created automatically on each Client Account at no additional cost. They simply log in to assist with queries and run tests on their client’s apps.

Billing: For accounting efficiency, the Branded Reseller is automatically billed according to the number of active Users in each Client Account.

Making It Their Own:

End-To-End White Label Capabilities: The 360’ White Label solution bears no reference to Appenate, leaving their brand front & center.

No User-Based Targets Or Penalties: We don’t have conventional ‘reseller’ programs that lock them into promoting & marketing somebody else’s platform & brand.

Discounted, Scale-Able Partner Rates: We have no published partner pricing. Our low, fixed-cost fees allow them to mark up recurring fees however they want.

They Own Their Customer Relationships: They manage the entire customer relationship, including pricing, support & communication.

A Partner-Friendly Platform: We take an “if you win, then we win” attitude to our partner’s success. Our software is structured to suit their business.

Free Support & Training We want every partner to get maximum value from Appenate, so we provide them with free 1-on-1 training & quality support.

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