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Seamless Form Creation with Catapult form converter

Seamless Form Creation

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually transferring fields from paper to digital.

Our Catapult Form Converter removes the grunt work, allowing you to simply upload your forms and watch them transform into dynamic, editable apps.

You’ll save time and energy with a ready-to-tweak app right at your fingertips – energizing your workflow.

How It Works

Here’s the deal: take any digital form—Word, Excel, or PDF—hit ‘Convert Form,’ and that’s it. 
Your form is now an interactive app – dive straight into designing, refining, and customizing
the flow and appearance of your forms with ease. More Time for What Matters!

Go Paperless With Mobile Apps
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Why Embrace The Catapult Form Converter? 

Because your time should fuel innovation, not get bogged down in formality. If you’re new to Appenate – browse around. Our platform is equipped with many features built to tackle the toughest operations with ease. Have fun!

More Than Just A Form Builder

Contactless Signature Capture

Optical Character Recognition

Standout Features

Free Support & Training For Life

We make it a point to put our customers first. As an Appenate customer, you’ll have first-class support from a competent team. 

Here’s a peek at what others say about our support:

“I’ve been in training for about 2 weeks now and this info and assistance provided by your team has been of immense help in my progress.”

– Nathan A.

“If you are looking for a level of support that absolutely blows your mind, do yourself a favour and use Appenate.”  

– Jeremy G.

Mobile Forms in Under 5 Minutes

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  •  Create Data-Driven Apps Without Coding.
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  •  Dispatch Tasks & Automate Your Business.
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  •  Get Building Apps Fast With Free 1-On-1 Training.

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“Appenate allowed our company to go paperless in the field & gave us the ability to move towards other paperless operations. Within a month we had a department of 12 technicians & one dispatcher using Appenate daily

– Junetta, Commercial Service Department – Total Group

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