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Who Owns Your Customer, You Or Your Platform Provider?

Becoming a value added reseller (VAR) in the mobile forms market is a strategic business move for a lot of IT solutions companies who wish to create an additional revenue stream.

Best case scenario, you find a platform provider with whom you cultivate a healthy, mutually beneficial partnership. Worst case scenario, you realize too late that they’ve effectively taken ownership of your customers.

But there are ways to avoid this risk, we’ve put together some pitfalls to watch out for when evaluating potential software platforms to partner with.

1. They Set The Price For Your Customers

You are restricted to use a pre-set price due to the provider enforcing it or making it public for customers to see.

2. They Interfere With Your Sales Process

Midway through the sales process, someone from the platform provider reaches out to your customer, risking confusion and disrupting your carefully planned sales strategy.

3. If You Were To Part Ways, Would You Retain Your Customers?

Scan the fine print for cancellation terms, does the platform provider have the option to retain the relationship with your customers?

See how they react when you ask if a clause can be added to prevent them from going after your customers should you part ways.

4. They Set Growth Targets And Penalties

Check the program for terms and conditions that could affect your future discounts and margins.

Could you end up on a never ending treadmill of increased sales targets just to retain your current margins?

You’re entering a partnership intending to be successful and, most importantly, profitable. Ensure you cover all bases by doing sufficient research on your potential partner before it’s too late.

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