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The Risks Of Not Having Offline Capabilities

In the early days of using mobile apps, having a stable data connection was always a gamble. Dropouts and loss of connectivity were so frequent that apps needed to be designed to cope in that environment. The “Sometimes Connected” model ensures an app can disconnect and reconnect seamlessly, allowing the key functionalities to work while offline.

Today we take better connectivity for granted. 3G has given way to 4G, and 5G is on the horizon. The low cost of wireless access points means that wi-fi dead zones can easily be taken care of.

This makes it tempting to think the “Sometimes Connected” model is now redundant, a thing of the past. Many developers appear to take this view. Why go to the additional complexity of this model when connectivity has improved? The reality is that 100% connectedness can’t yet be guaranteed.

Radio frequency signals are complex and their behavior can only be guaranteed in the most tightly controlled environments. Try, for example, to find signal in an elevator, basement, or remote area.

Don’t run the risk of thinking your users won’t be affected. If you want to offer Enterprise-grade solutions, use a software that is built on the “Sometimes Connected” model.

Risks Of Online Only Capabilities:


Loss of data when the network is unstable.

Data Integrity

Incorrect data being manually captured when external data isn’t pulling through.

Support Intensive

Influx of customers complaints.

Client Loss

Loss of customers to more efficient competitors with better infrastructure.

Excess Costs

Hefty roaming costs incurred when traveling.


Wasted time double capturing data when you can’t fill in fields on site.


Disrupted supply chain or missed orders.

Power Depletion

Draining the battery of mobile devices unnecessarily.

“We can guarantee that a process will be executed the same way and that the output will be delivered with the required information, every time.” – Braedon Saunders, IT Manager, Rassaun Services. Read More

Read how Amey, with 20,000 employees spanning four continents, successfully use offline capabilities.

Scenarios Where Offline Capabilities Should Be Non-Negotiable:

Remote Resources: 

  • Mine site
  • Oil rig in the middle of the ocean
  • Airplanes 
  • Medical clinics in rural villages
  • Disaster relief teams 

Urban Environments: 

  • Underground drilling tunnels
  • Roadworks
  • Earthworks
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Building inspections in basements

Capabilities Your App Should Cover When Offline:

Fill Out Forms

Resume Forms



NFC, Barcode & QR Code Scanning



Data Mapping

Geotagged Image Capture

Dynamic Requirement & Visibility Logic

The status of connectivity shouldn’t affect your productivity or bottom line.

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