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Shopping For A Mobile Forms Platform? What You Need To Know.

Our top tip would be to start by making a list of the functionalities your organization needs from a mobile form or drag & drop app provider.

While you’re browsing around, make notes of the features on offer that would work best for you.

Here are some attributes we think are important:

Offline Capabilities
If your team frequents basements, underground tunnels, or remote sites then your app needs to keep working even when the signal drops. Offline capabilities to auto-fill fields and submit forms will increase productivity by reducing time wasted.
Benefits: Uninterrupted Work, Limitless Work Environments, Increased Productivity

Native App Technology
Easier to manage the environment from an IT perspective as you can update apps over the air. Deliver multiple apps through a single native app and have one place to do multiple business processes. Add this to your mobile device management solution (MDM).
Benefits: Speed, Simplicity, Efficiency

Drag & Drop App Builder
Rapidly build and deploy apps with no coding.
Enable business analysts to execute their vision without outsourcing and diluting their brief to IT.
Benefits: No Code, Cost & Time Saving
Open in a new tab to read later: No-Code Business Apps: Breaking Shackles on Productivity

Customizable PDF Output
Automatically generate a branded PDF and email to clients. Using Word or Excel templates is a fast and easy way to produce customized outputs.
Benefits: Customization, Save Time, Professionalism 

Dispatch Tasks to Field Workers
App users need to receive notifications on their mobile devices to complete tasks or assignments in real-time. Does your company prefer free text instructions or push notifications?
Do your field workers require documents, forms, task templates or recurring tasks?
Benefits: Efficient Workflow, Save Time, Speed Up Processes

GPS, Maps & Time Stamps 
Having accurate location data is often necessary in business. Users should have the ability to navigate to their next assignment, and managers will have an overview of where and when tasks were completed.
Benefits: Oversight, Efficiency

Signatures & Drawing
Allow employees and clients to sign on a mobile device touch screen after a service has been performed. Draw an image with a stylus or finger on the screen of the mobile device. These images should be submitted along with the other completed form fields.
Benefits: Flexibility, Efficiency

NFC Compatability
Scanning NFC tags or stickers can help your company track items in various stages of a production line or provide specific information about a checkpoint in your process.
Benefits: Time & Cost Saving, Oversight, Efficiency

Barcode & QR Code Scanning
Just like NFC, if you’re using barcodes or QR codes, then a camera scan function is a must-have feature.
Benefits: Time & Cost Saving, Oversight, Efficiency

Photo, Video, Audio & Attachment Uploaders
Submit evidence, authentication or documentation and store it all in one place with the completed forms.
Benefits: Time Saving & Efficiency

Formula Builder
Enables dynamic behaviors such as calculations, showing and hiding fields, conditional logic to control the flow of an application as well as filtering data.
Benefits: Speed, Less Work, Accuracy, Time Saving

Does it need to play well with others? A pre-built data source and form connector can enable data to be pushed and pulled between systems that you already work with. Pull data from an API, directly into your app using a Rest Integrator.
Benefits: Smooth flow, Efficiency, Time & Cost Saving, Dynamic 

App Store & White Labelling 
Ensure you have a distinctive offering in the market when coming up against competitors. The more customized your offering, the less likely your solution will trace back to the source. Publish your app to the stores as your distribution mechanism.
Benefits: Unique Offering, Business Opportunity, Return on Investment, Visibility, Simplified Distribution
Read more about this: Why Re-Invent The Wheel When You Can White Label Instead?

Choice of Screen Types
Choose from menus, dashboards, and listing screens for dynamic data collection apps. Design complex user experiences. Create versatile inquiry screens for data sources. Drill down to see a selected data source row. Visualize data rows on a full-screen map.
Benefits: Flexible, Customizable, UX, User-Centered Design (UCD)

On Device Printing Support
Print completed form entries directly from Android, iOS, and Windows devices even when offline. Customize via HTML templates to generate dynamic outputs.
Benefits: Efficiency, Time Saving, Professionalism 

Dynamic Watermarking of Images
Apply dynamically generated text as a watermark on to images that are captured, or chosen via a media file, during a form entry.
Benefits: Security, Authenticity 

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