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How Mobile Apps Are Evolving Security

Top security firms recognize the need to continuously innovate or disrupt to ensure the safety of their clients.

Technology has enabled mass crime prevention through the automation and improvements in surveillance, digitization and mobilization have led to accountability and higher safety for both security personnel and clientele.

What does this look like?

Mobile Devices

Employees in the field use mobile devices to scan check-points, alert dispatch of illicit activity, submit photographs of reportable issues as well as complete forms. The GPS can also be tracked which sounds a bit Big Brother but also ensures the safety of officers.

Single Device

No longer laden with an armoury of 2-way-radios, check-point scanners, alert buttons and cell phones on top of their weighty weapons, the company-issued mobile device serves as a cost and weight effective tool. We’ve seen some of the more forward thinking companies gearing up their staff with wearable devices.


Near Field Communication has replaced Tokens, QR and Barcodes. The latter two have often been photographed and scanned from the comfort of the local bar rather than on a patrol, compromising the safety of the vicinity. NFC has opened up a world of opportunities through the ability to configure each tag:

  • Login to Systems
  • Patrol Check Points
  • Security Key Access
  • Changing the Mode of a Mobile Device
  • Launch Websites, Forms or Emergency Alerts
  • Connect to WIFI

These affordable tags can also be used in the dispatch office for security key access and system logins, saving you the hassle of managing multiple systems.


With two way communication, field workers can receive and submit comprehensive data in real-time. This little feat in itself can improve crime prevention, speed up decision making and lessen response time:

Dispatching Backup

A notification of a new task will alert the guards on standby. The necessary information will be available in their app and they can, later on, complete an incident report. This can be a free text message or push notification.

Task Dispatch

Randomize patrol routes by supplying a list of pre-set, varying routes shortly before patrol time. This reduces the risk of criminal prediction.

White Level Inspections

Unattended baggage or packages are detailed and submitted along with photographs by security personnel in just a few seconds for dispatch to assess and act on.

Area Audit Checklist

Boundary breaches are reported and documented by selecting pre-set options, GPS location and photographs enabling head office to determine the backup required as well as the materials and technicians necessary to repair.

Incident Report

Completed when there’s been an accident, breach, theft or unforeseen event, the information can be used to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Security Audit Checklist

A standard checklist not only prevents accidental omission but also collects and submits the data to be stored for further investigation or to note behavioural patterns.

Every piece of information submitted is stored and can be used in reporting to further optimize operations. The leading companies are embracing constant learning from their own data.

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Big Data

Yes, it’s a massive buzzword at the moment, but it’s vital to know what to do with it.

These extremely large sets of data can be analyzed for insights, patterns and trends leading to more informed decisions and strategic business moves. The two most valuable outcomes are time & cost reductions as you are able to determine the root cause of failures.

The question now is: Does your business receive the relevant data in an automated fashion that leads to these benefits?

What’s the Bottom Line?

Combining mobile devices and security apps can cut down time and costs, allowing you to more efficiently manage your security operations.

While there are many specialized security programs out there, the time to configure and deploy these solutions can be prohibitive. A no code drag & drop app platform can be rapidly customized to your specific process.

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