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Health Forms For Businesses Recovering From COVID-19

There aren’t many good health information capture tools out there for businesses. Strange, considering the times we live in. 

The majority of the tools you’ll find online are for specialist health care companies – which are clearly not for you.

All you want are a few simple health forms to get you through these uncertain times. And to avoid breaching scary health privacy laws that could rack up huge fines.

So let’s explore the options.

A Possible Solution To Easy And Compliant Health Forms?

Going for specialist healthcare industry software isn’t a practical option. This software will most likely be… 

  • Expensive
  • Rigid, leaving you little room to customise your information capture to your needs
  • Highly technical, meaning your staff will need specialist training to use it
  • Poor support (you’re just another number in their system)

You’ll see exceptions to these points – but they’ll be hard to find. Thankfully, there’s an easier solution. A low-code form builder coupled with a secure data storage solution. 

The only roadblock here is that there’s a learning curve to all form builders – no matter how simple they are. So you’ll need to do some learning before you build your COVID health forms. 

Unless you find a platform that’s already built these forms for you (more on this in a minute). 

First, let’s cover why your data storage needs to be secure. It all comes back to HIPAA compliance. 

What’s HIPAA And What Should I Know?

HIPAA, or the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” is a US law meant to regulate health information and protect your privacy regarding your health. If you’re not in the US, you don’t have to worry about it and can skip this section.

Breach of this law can result in one-time fines of up to $59k – and annual penalties capped to a maximum of $1.7m. 

Which is why it’s critical to choose a HIPAA compliant platform if you’re going to capture any kind of employee health information. 

You can read more about the HIPAA law here. There’s also a nice summary of the law that you can find here.

We’ve done everything we can to ensure that Appenate is fully HIPAA compliant. And now we can offer that compliance to you, too, with a secure data storage solution. 

As long as you don’t export and share the data manually, you’ve got nothing to worry about from HIPAA. 

The Fastest Way To Build Mobile, Online Health Forms

It’s simple. The fastest way is to not build them at all. Whatever mobile form builder you go for, there will always be a learning curve. 

The thing is, you don’t have to build forms when they’re already made. We have a wide selection of pre-built forms in our example catalogue

Take a look: 

Appenate's vast example app catalogue

Simply sign up for a free trial, log on, and head to the “Examples Catalog” on the Appenate menu bar. From there, you can use apps like the COVID-19 Health & Mitigation Checklist, the Employee Screening App or even the Vehicle sanitation checklist. 

Also, when a form isn’t exactly what you want, you can customise it in our easy-to-use Form editor. The drag-n-drop interface is quick to pick up, and once you’re used to Appenate even the more advanced features will be a breeze.

Screenshot of Appenate's forms editor dashboard

Finally, if you run into any problems using Appenate, we offer fast and responsive support to help you get started. 

No-Touch Information Capture

The best thing about Appenate is that no contact needs to take place in order to capture the right information. There’s no paper to carry disease, no sharing a device – nothing. 

From your computer, you can create and send the forms you need right to your employees’ mobile devices. Once they’ve downloaded the Appenate app (available on Android & iOS), they can log in and fill out the form – wherever they are. 

They don’t even need to be online to fill out forms – Appenate’s fully offline-capable. Though they do need an internet connection to download the app, and again to submit any information to the server. 

Their information is sent directly to the Appenate servers which you can access from your computer.

No contact, no paper, no risk of disease spread. 

The Real Power Of Appenate

While Appenate excels at creating mobile health forms, it’s not all our platform is capable of. Far from it. 

Think of health forms as an add-on, compared to the rest of the platform. Firstly, you can create forms and checklists for a wide variety of fields. Safety, sales, manufacturing, maintenance – all these and more stand to gain from forms in Appenate. 

A few ideas for fully online, mobile forms you can build and use on Appenate:

  • PPE inspection forms
  • New client/ prospect info forms
  • Detailed batch info forms
  • Plant inspection forms
  • Job cards
  • Security checklists
  • Pre/post-shift inspection forms
  • Cleaning forms and checklists

Appenate goes way beyond forms though. Using Appenate’s various API’s, you can integrate us into every part of your business. In doing so, you can automate task creation, cut down on stock loss, even keep your security guards in check. 

The options are endless. 

For more on what Appenate can do for you, explore our website and see our use cases

To try our health forms right away, sign up for a free trial to see if we’re a fit for your needs. 

Stay safe out there.