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Do You Have The Right Fieldwork Software To Fight COVID?

Field workers have always had an office to go to – and even then, managing them was no easy task. Now their office time must be limited as much as possible. So what now?

The only option is something similar to remote work. Which means your digital tools are about to become far more critical for your business. 

Appenate has always been an excellent tool for managing field workers. Being entirely on- and off-line capable, Appenate’s job dispatch system can take jobs from the comfort of your couch to the field in seconds. 

No phone calls, no paperwork, no physical contact. 

Let’s Keep Embracing Change

The post-COVID era calls for a lot of change. As humans, we’re naturally resistant to change. Now that lives are at risk, we have little option though. 

You do want to keep your workers safe. If you can raise your business efficiency – and your bottom line – at the same time, why not?

We recently covered how to create a better cleaning checklist to keep your employees safe.

Today we’re focusing on assigning jobs to your workforce with better fieldwork software (and supercharging your efficiency).

What Does A Remote Job Dispatch Solution Look Like?

Ideally, we’ll be able to dispatch jobs, receive customer approvals and get proof of work – without touching paper or each other. 

That said, we also need to keep accountability and even think of potential liability.


We need to keep each other more accountable than ever – lest we leave room for mistakes.

That’s why switching to a modern tasking system is a double win. 

  • We get to keep greater accountability with live data and accurate reporting.
  • We get to see exactly where/when a task-in-progress is – without having to ask anyone, simply log on and look.

So we can keep everyone in check since it’s easier to see where a task is at any point in time. Thus we can identify any bottlenecks with greater ease.


Another thing we might want to consider are precautions against liability. 

We’re looking into this topic in more detail for you in next week’s blog. If you’d like to get that post as it releases, give us a follow on Twitter or LinkedIn

One example I can give now is adding a simple step to your job card or task sheet. 

“Sanitise the tools.” 

Whenever a job is completed, have your workers clean and disinfect the tools. This is a quick and easy way to add another layer of protection to any anti-COVID strategy. 

We mentioned this in last week’s post too – which goes into more depth about going paperless and embracing a remote work system. 

Check it out here

Can Appenate Help? 

We can. Our system’s origin is in disaster management, and we’ve since evolved to be able to help all sorts of other industries. But having our roots in such a tough industry, we’re very well-prepped to help out in this current climate. 

They needed the right fieldwork software since lives were at risk. We answered the call.

There are other options, too – and it’s essential to find the best fit for you. We offer a free trial in which you can try all the features we offer. It’s a great way to see whether Appenate is the platform for you. 

Beyond Tasking: Rapid Policy Changes

Once you’ve got your fieldwork software solution sorted, it’s time to look at your health policies.

This pandemic has shown us that policies cannot be set in stone. We’ve got to accept the fact that we’re susceptible to rapid, unprecedented and wide-spread changes. That’s why our policies need to be liquid – so we can adapt in the blink of an eye.

The old way of communicating policy changes – a pin-up on the notice board – is gone. We need a far quicker way of changing and communicating our policies.

Can Appenate Help?

Yes again. We’re proud of the fact that we offer a document repository. Meaning you can store your policy documents in a secure, central location for anyone with permission to access. 

By giving key members of your company access and subsequent tasks, you can communicate and enforce a policy change within a couple of hours. 

How’s that for agility? 

Take A Step Towards Agile Mobility

It’s time to adapt to the new world. There’s not much time to revisit your fieldwork software or tools. 

If you’re still stuck in lockdown, you’ve got the perfect opportunity! You still have time to work on refining your processes. If not, then you’ll have to focus on changing processes on the fly – for two main reasons: 

  1. To hasten business recovery and mitigate what damage you can
  2. To avoid costly fines or even a return to lockdown.

So get your systems in place as quickly as possible. 

Appenate isn’t for everyone – and if you have another preference, we’re happy with that. If you would like to get started with Appenate, however, you sign up for a free trial by clicking here. 

Until next time, stay safe.