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Overcome COVID-19: Your Road To Faster Business Recovery

Do you have a business recovery plan in place?

We find ourselves in a strange new world. And we’ve got to prepare for the “new normal” on the other side of COVID-19.  

While operations are largely stalled, it’s time to focus on business improvement. On building leaner, more efficient processes. On setting ourselves up for the fastest possible business recovery

Business Recovery Starts Here

Ever heard of Peyton Manning? What about Adrian Peterson? They’re NFL stars and they have something in common…

They both came back from potentially career-ending injuries. Not only did they come back, but they smashed records. 💥

Businesses can learn from these comebacks. How, you may ask?

Mindset. That’s what separates Manning and Peyton from so many others.

They believed they could come back. And that belief is what we – businesses – need to take from their stories.

It took a while, but they came back better than ever. They believed – as we need to do right now.

Create Your Business Improvement Plan

At this point, if you have a business continuity plan, it’s probably in full effect. Operations are primarily stalled, and your company has some downtime. 

That makes this the perfect opportunity to improve your business so that you can #comebackstronger. Maybe break a few business records?

So look at business processes. Improve and refine them now to create a leaner, more efficient business on the other side of lockdown. 

Here are a few examples to get your ideas flowing…

Contactless Job Cards & Task Creation

Imagine being able to create and send out job cards or tasks directly to your staff – without any physical contact. Not only that, but you’ll get feedback too – again, without any contact. 

This obviously helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases. But it also cuts down on travel time. Less travel time means more time to get productive – efficiency in a nutshell.

Paperless Forms

When you’ve got workers in the field, paper forms don’t always make sense. It’s usually a battle to get them into the office to fill anything in. 

That’s why paperless, remote forms are perfect. As soon as your fieldworker has a few seconds, they can complete the form and send it right back. 

Why stop there? Let’s take this a step further. 

Automatic Task Creation

What if you have a task that results from a filled out form? You’ll need to get the form back and create the task manually, right?

Why not create a system that automatically generates tasks based on form responses? We’ve done this before – and it works well.

Safe, Healthy Employees

Health and safety forms are critical to any business. But having to print and physically store new forms every day can quickly become a pain. Not to mention, these physical forms are easy to lose. 

On top of that, Sars-Cov-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) can survive on paper for up to 24 hours. How many hands could one of these forms pass by in that period?

The maintenance team, the safety team, the office team for filing, etc. 

So why not look to a digital capture and storage solution?

Faster Customer Response Times

Why dig through forms to find customer information when you can simply search your digital database and find the info in seconds? 

Let your sales and customer success staff have an easier time with effortless customer information storage options. 

Ace Time Management

Time management can be tricky. We’ve all had problems getting to everything. So why not roll out a system to help your employees better manage their time? This can be a task-based system or maybe even a training course – whatever your preference. 

Hopefully, these examples give you ideas, and you’re ready to hyper-optimize your business. So you can speed up recovery and come back strong on the other side of this! 

And also be better prepared for any future disruptions.

Take Action

What do Apple, IBM and Best Buy have in common? They all faced bankruptcy at one point. But through action, they turned things around. And now they’re all giants in the world of business. 

Now’s the time for you to take action. Refine your business processes. Develop and implement a business recovery plan and give your business the best possible chance at surviving COVID-19

Are We A Fit?

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