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Building A Stronger Business In The Face Of COVID-19

We find ourselves in trying times. It feels like yesterday there were whispers of a new infectious disease spreading – and now we’re all in the thick of things. 

But with adversity always comes opportunity. 💪

We can learn from this situation. We can build stronger processes. Put preventative measures in place, and work on a sound business continuity plan for this and future crises. 

We’ll even briefly cover HIPAA under the current circumstances – if that applies to you. 

Ready to bounce back from this thing? With a business that’s stronger than ever before? 

Great! But first…

Been Off The Grid?

In case you’ve been off the grid for the past 3 months, COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease that’s devastating economies in its path. The pandemic has caused quite the panic…  

But we intend to help you get through this, so let’s get started.

How To Mitigate The Risk Of Pandemic Outbreaks

Covid-19 employee symptom health checklistOnce an outbreak occurs – and reaches the scale that COVID-19 has, it’s a little late for active damage control. But there’s still an opportunity to keep an eye on our employees and make sure we get out of this alive.

A checklist would be best here – so you can monitor their health and get them help should any COVID-19 symptoms arise. 

But traditional checklists aren’t ideal for the situation. Physical contact is required to pass a paper checklist on, putting you at risk of infection. And even if you work on a paper drop-off system, can the virus survive on paper?

Yes. According to this study, the virus can survive for up to 24 hours on cardboard, which has the same qualities as paper. 

And we can’t exactly drown paper in disinfectant, can we? 

But you can disinfect your phone or tablet.

So… Can you think of a better time to go paperless? 

The best way would be to adopt a platform that allows for remote mobile checklists to be sent out. Thereby virtually eliminating the risk of infection from traditional paper and physical proximity.


Tips For A Cleaner, Safer Workplace

Moving on to the future, how do we prevent an outbreak from happening again? And how do we contribute to an overall safer workplace?

Cleaning checklists ensure that things stay hygeinic. Adn to ensure things stay extra clean, let’s use our contactless platform from the previous section instead. That way we can eliminate the risk of traditional paper harboring any nasty germs or viruses. 

As part of the checklist, we can make sure the phone or tablet in use is also disinfected before moving on to the next area. Thus we can nullify any disease’s ability to spread widely.

Going Paperless – Out With Paper And In With Tech

Cleaning checklists are one thing. But what about order forms, job cards, maintenance sheets, etc? How many hands do these forms pass through in a given day?

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught me, it’s that our daily life is fragile. And it’s up to us to protect it through any means necessary.

Let’s join hands (cyber hands!) to fight this and future diseases together, by cutting all unnecessary paper. There are a few solutions for this online – Appenate is one of them. 

More on that soon.

HIPAA Compliance And COVID-19 – Am I At Risk Of Anything? 

Let’s quickly touch on HIPAA and COVID-19. Yes, the rules contained in HIPAA are strictly enforced. But in the light of COVID-19, these rules have been relaxed.

A good rule of thumb would be that anyone involved in the treatment of a COVID-19 case has the right to the patient’s personal medical history.

Our advice is to review the relaxed laws in full, found here.

This also means that this is the perfect time to get your HIPAA compliance on track before the laws come back in full. So you don’t get slapped with unnecessary fines once this is all over. Especially with the high volumes of health information captured at the moment. 

So if you do work in the healthcare niche in the US and you’re not HIPAA compliant just yet, make secure health information capture forms your priority.

Make Sure You Have A Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity plan checklist for covid-19 pandemic

Most of us probably didn’t have a plan in place for pandemics, right? I know we sure didn’t. 

But what’s the old adage? Something about spilled milk? All we can do now is look to the future and put a plan in place.

A good business continuity plan will include… 

  • A thorough business impact analysis
  • Viable, measurable and actionable business recovery steps
  • An appointed or nominated continuity team to take over in disaster scenarios
  • Adequate training supplied to this team

These are just a few critical points – your BCP can be much more elaborate. 

And this is another area in which we’ll be helping you – details in the next section. 


What We’re Doing To Help You

Finally, we’ve arrived at the critical question… what is Appenate doing to help in this situation? 

Firstly, we’ve created a checklist you can use right now on your digital devices – company-wide. This checklist is to keep an eye on the health of your employees – whether they’re working remotely or stuck at home on idle. 

This way, you can ensure they get the help they need and minimize the risk of further spreading the disease. So we can all get back to work quicker. 

We’ve also got a business continuity plan checklist that you can use along with this. So you can keep your business running and come out stronger on the other end of this. You’ll also be better equipped to deal with any similar future scenarios. 

To help your business get through this difficult time, we’re offering a limited time deal. 90 days of Appenate for just $90 and up to 15 users. This would usually as much as $535.50. 

So for just a dollar a day, you can screen your core team, use our business continuity checklist and maybe even streamline your business processes with Appenate. 

Plus you’ll have access to hundreds of other form templates you can use.

And our sales and support staff will be on-hand to help you get comfortable with Appenate. So you can implement it fast. 

You’ll get…

  • An employee health checklist
  • A business continuity plan checklist
  • Full access to Appenate
  • The opportunity to streamline your business processes and go paperless

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We Aren’t Medical Professionals

We’re not in the business of healthcare. We’re acting on information from credible sources such as the WHO and scientific studies. We’re no authority on this – but be sure we’ll do what we can to help. 

For any questions about COVID-19, please refer to the WHO and CDC’s websites.