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How To Appenate In 6 Steps

It’s as easy as 1, 2…6!

But First, What Are Screens?

Screens are the building blocks for each application on the Appenate platform.
In other words, each Screen represents a different component of your app.
We provide a number of Screen types which cover a diverse range of functions and outputs.


In 6 simple steps, we’ll show you how to create an app on Appenate.

Open An Existing Screen

Step 1

Once you’ve logged into your account and downloaded your Appenate app from Google Play, App Store, or Windows, the best way to get started is to work with one of the pre-installed apps in your account. These can be found on the ‘Screens’ page of your account.

Create Your New Version

Step 2

Click the design link under the pre-installed app you’d like to edit, and then click ‘New Version‘ on the top right.

Change Things Up

Step 3

Drag and drop elements that you would like to add. Customize them using the panel that will appear on the right.

Optional: Connect Some Data

Step 4

Want to connect your external data? Use our pre-built Data Source and Form Connectors to push and pull data to and from other systems.

Test It Out

Step 5

Hit the ‘Manage Test‘ button followed by the ‘Update Test‘ button. Your app will update every time you save changes. This makes it easy to make changes and test them out on selected users without disrupting production.

Open the app on your mobile device and submit a form.

Revel In Your Success ?

Step 6

Seeing your first customized output is exciting, we know.
Imagine all the ways you can personalize it with your branding.

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View incoming data from your app on the web portal in the Data Feed area and the outgoing data in your connected external system.

Still Not Convinced?

Here’s a short video on how to create an app, fast.

We have a super helpful Customer Success team who can advise how best to use Appenate as a solution for your business.


Want to try out the 6 steps? Sign up for a free trial.