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4 Essentials For A Value Added Reseller Partnership

Gone are the days of being locked into an unsatisfactory software partnership in the mobile forms market.

We’ve put together 4 essentials to look out for that, in our experience, ensure a long-lasting and mutually-beneficial value added reseller partnership.

1. Discounted, Confidential Partner Rates

  • A low, fixed-cost pricing model enables you to mark up recurring client fees at your discretion. This is only made possible if a partner doesn’t publish their partner rates publically.
  • Ideally, your fees should not be affected by user sales targets or penalties set by the provider.

2. A Partner-Centric Platform

  • Any partner that has an “if you win, we win” attitude is an absolute keeper.
  • Most importantly, their platform’s features and pricing model should be geared towards making your business model successful.

3. Own Your Customer Relationships

  • You should manage the entire customer relationship including pricing, support and communication. A lot of partners tend to get involved midway through which can lead to confusion and miscommunication.
  • Never feel locked into promoting and marketing somebody else’s platform and brand. You should be treated as a partner, not an extension of their salesforce.

4. World-Class Support

  • Customer support should be seen as a critical business function for your partner. What’s more, when assessing a potential partnership, if they don’t offer free support and training this should be viewed as a deal-breaker.
  • Open communication in any relationship is key, so you should never feel like just another number in the support queue.
  • Your ideal partner’s software roadmap should evolve through ongoing feedback from customers.

Would A Reseller Partnership Work For Me?

A solutions reseller program is ideal for businesses, consultancies and individuals looking to create and resell technology solutions without having to do any heavy tech lifting. It’s a great way to authentically upsell to existing clients as well as gain new ones.

“It’s provided both our company and clients with technology, along with the freedom of not having to develop or maintain any of it. Since white labeling Appenate, we’ve noticed a significant increase in engagement with the safety management system.”

Read the full case study here.

How Do I Choose A Software Platform To Partner With?

After you’ve looked around at the various reseller programs available, ask yourself if their conditions are advantageous to you being successful and, most importantly profitable.

Remember, if all goes well, then you should be in this partnership for a long time.
Therefore, it’s crucial to team up with a platform partner who shares your company’s core values and doesn’t see you merely as an extension of their sales team, where achieving user targets is the only priority.


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