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3 Buyer Personas To Win More Sales In The Mobile Forms Market

We pride ourselves on being one of the most channel-focused platforms in the mobile forms space.
Our tools and fees are designed to help our partners be successful and most importantly, profitable.
The mobile forms sales market is a competitive space and we do everything we can to help you succeed.
Here are some tips on how to win more sales by personalizing your approach.

What Are Buyer Personas Anyway?

Each person will react differently to a sales pitch.

However, based on their personality and specific work requirements, we can narrow them down to 3 main categories so that you can tailor your sales tactics to get them over the line more effectively.

The 3 most common buyer personas you’re likely to encounter in a technically oriented
business-to-business sales situation:
1. The User Buyer
2. The Technical Buyer
3. The Economic Buyer

How Do I Apply This To Convert More Sales?

The Short Answer: Identify which persona your prospect resembles, and plan your sales pitch to meet their buying style accordingly.

NB: You don’t need 3 completely unique sales pitches, but they’ll need to be adjusted slightly to suit the 3 different personas.

The User Buyer

You’ve just met the analytical thinker who’s about to examine your service from every angle. The quickest way to guide them towards making a decision would be to provide the data to justify what you’re saying. It’s important not to push this persona before they’ve completed their analytical process as you’ll very likely find yourself blocked from the sale.

Adjust your pitch:
Step 1: Show them exactly how your offering has material value to their team.
Step 2: Tackle concerns which might create resistance with regards to their end-user experience.
Step 3: Ensure their trial runs as smoothly as possible. Creating a proof of concept tackles their specific needs so that they may test out their specific requirements.

The Technical Buyer

You’ve determined that this customer is very focused on the technical integrity of your solution. Their main concern is having more work added to their plates or being rendered obsolete.

Adjust your pitch:
Step 1: Provide all technical documentation upfront.
Step 2: Find out what core systems they use and what standards they need to be compliant with.
Step 3: Ensure their trial runs as smoothly as possible and that all technical questions are responded to.

The Economic Buyer

They’ve made it very clear that the effect on the bottom line is top of mind. They’re looking for cost-effective solutions that make sense from an economic perspective.

Adjust your pitch:
Step 1: Demonstrate the overall ROI and the equation used to determine it.
Step 2: Put together a pricing and value comparison between your service and those of competitors.
Step 3: Ensure their trial runs as smoothly as possible.

Top Tip

To effectively qualify the type of buyer you’re dealing with, ask these two questions:
1. “Tell me what is driving your need for x?”
2. “What will your main criteria be in making your decision on how to solve this problem?”

Listen to the answers and craft your sales message accordingly.

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